10 Space-Saving Bathroom Renovation Ideas


Not everyone has the luxury of a massive full bathroom with matching his-and-hers sinks and a free-standing tub, though it’s in most of our interior design fantasies.

Instead, most of us make do with a cramped three-quarter bath (which consists of a sink, toilet and shower) – or less!

So, we found some top-notch design hacks to help you make the most of that precious space, up your organization game, and make your bathroom feel twice as big.

Here are 10 space-saving bathroom renovation ideas!

1. Use Wall Space

An over-the-toilet shelf adds a dynamic aesthetic to a bathroom and save loads of space.

You wouldn’t use that space for anything else, but a sturdy shelf will vastly improve things, and give you more floor space in a tiny lavatory.

2. Hang Floating Shelves

You can also arrange floating shelves of different lengths for a minimal and clean look that offers a vast array of storage options in an airy way.

This open shelving can be filled with stacked towels, toiletries and perfume bottles for a complex aesthetic.

3. Decorate with Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets instant add a cozy look to any bathroom, are affordable and can be used in a variety of ways to add space to your bathroom.

One way is to attach wicker baskets to the inside of the cabinets under the sink.

If you don’t have cabinets, you can always hang these wicker wall baskets next to the shower or sink instead for a cozy look.

4. Expand your Mirror

Expand your mirror into a flat mirror instead of a medicine cabinet. Even with small space, having a bigger mirror means that two people can use the bathroom at once.

Plus, the flat, reflective look is slimming and makes a space seem bigger than a medicine cabinet does.

5. Add a Ladder

Add a small ladder as a storage space and paint it an accent color for a stylish revamp that hold towels or act as little shelves.

It lets you make the most out of small spaces but is still a chic statement piece to lean against a wall of your choice.

6. Hang Towels on Coat Hooks

If a ladder remix on a towel rod doesn’t sound exciting to you, you can use coat hooks instead.

Why hang individual hooks or crowd them on the back of the door when you could buy a pre-existing plank with plenty of hooks on them?

7. Add a Rustic Touch with Mason Jars

Hang up small mason jars for a high-end spa feel – you can store cotton balls, q-tips and whatever small essentials you might need pre or post shower.

The look is rustic and very easy to accomplish – try suspending them on an angle in leather holsters.

8. Invest in a Corner Sink

Swap your pedestal sink for a corner sink. A pedestal sink often takes up space and doesn’t let you maximize the most of your space, but this can open up the space by what seems like miles.

This is a slightly bigger renovation but it can improve your bathroom’s foot traffic.

9. Use a Wall-Mounted Faucet

This allows for a skinnier vanity or sink and can afford you more square footage.

It will up the aesthetic of a bathroom as well as providing you with that much-needed air.

10. Add a Compact Shower Stall

If bubble baths have never been a bathroom dealbreaker for you, add a compact shower stall with a jazzy rainforest head and clear walls, fixer-upper style.

This will make your shower feel more open and provide a clean and sophisticated look.