5 Hilarious Books By Comedians


This book'Bossypants' by Tina Fey | Life 360 Tips

A good book can make you cry, make you laugh, and even make you think about life in a new manner. A truly high-quality book can do all of these things at the same time. Though comedians are known for making people laugh, many of them have dramatic depths that come across in their books that many do not see on stage or on the big screen. Though you’ll most likely find the following books hilarious, it’s also likely you’ll learn a thing or two and have a higher degree of respect for the author after you’ve finished the last page.

‘Bossypants’ by Tina Fey

This book dives into the life of the beloved creator of “Mean Girls” before anyone knew who Tina Fey was or would become. In this autobiography, Fey lets the reader in on all of her little secrets that she has learned along the way to stardom. As seen in the title, it quickly becomes evident that she knew she was onto something when she was first called “bossy.” Although Bossypants was published in 2011, it is still a great read for any fan of Fey’s or anyone simply looking for a laugh.

'This Is a Book' by Demetri Martin | Life 360 Tips

‘This Is a Book’ by Demetri Martin

The well-known writer-producer from multiple late night television shows brought the world This Is a Book in 2012 and has left readers laughing ever since. In his collection of short stories and narrative essays, Martin give the reader unique insight into the mind of a comedy writer. With experimental writing as well as more mainstream pieces, Martin shows amazing diversity in this collection that will keep readers interested and appreciating this writer’s unique brand of creativity.

‘I Can’t Make This Up: Life Lessons’ by Kevin Hart

Famous comedian and movie star Kevin Hart delivers all of the advice he can muster in his laugh-out-loud book. Hart explains things to his readers that he has learned throughout his years, starting with an anecdote defining how he has always thought of himself as an accident with the odds stacked against him. You’ll love the story of a true underdog — and of course get plenty of belly laughs along the way.

'I Can’t Make This Up: Life Lessons' by Kevin Hart | Life 360 Tips

‘Born a Crime’ by Trevor Noah

The story of Trevor Noah’s journey from South Africa to The Daily Show will make readers think and laugh in the book Born a Crime. From culturally-charged stories from his youth to hilarious glimpses into the comedian Trevor was bound to become, Born a Crime is as deeply emotional as it is funny. A truly unique memoir about growing up in a world most of us don’t understand, this is highly recommended for those who truly want to know how an original comedian is shaped.

‘America (The Book): A Citizen’s Guide to Democracy Inaction’ by Jon Stewart

Written as an alternative version of a high school civics textbook, America (The Book) makes fun of pretty much everything in history. With the razor-sharp wit and dry humor that so many have come to expect from Stewart and his Daily Show writing staff, America is full of sarcasm, but also has plenty of insight to get readers thinking differently about what we’ve been taught in school.

Comedians are some of the sharpest writers in the world. Though they most often take their humor to the big screen or the stage, they can also keep an audience captive with just the written word. If you’re ready for some truly affecting insights and plenty of chuckles, check out these five books.