5 Hot Tech Startups To Watch In 2018


Tech Startups and Silicon Valley have captured our imaginations over the past two decades. Even amidst the repression of 2000 and 2008, tech has continued to reach new heights. Tech startups are continuously getting funded and some are even cashing in on large IPOs. It doesn’t appear that the trend of new hot tech startups popping up is going to slow down anytime soon.
 Here are five hot tech startups to watch in 2018.


This startup puts a spin on what appears to be wedding bands. Their attractive metal rings aren’t wedding bands at all; in actuality, they are fitness trackers.

These metal rings, called the Motiv ring, track the wearer’s heart rate, sleep habits, overall fitness and is waterproof and boasts a battery life of three days. Its unusual appearance is not the only thing that sets it apart from other fitness trackers. It also can be separated from a phone for up to five days and still hold all of the user’s activity data.


Nurx makes it easier than ever for women to obtain birth control. With this app, women can put in their information and have a doctor review and approve their prescription for birth control. Then, the women are able to receive their birth control in the mail with free delivery. Women who aren’t insured are able to pick a health care provider through the app from the comfort of their homes.

This app will allow women who don’t have a way or means to get to a doctor during business hours or for women who need discrete access to birth control to easily obtain birth control. On top of this increased accessibility to birth control, Nurx also provides affordable birth control with plans starting at $15 per month.

Virta Health

This amazing new startup is an online company that creates personalized care plans for people with Type 2 Diabetes. The founder of this company, Sami Inkinen, is also the co-founder of real estate company, Trulia. The idea for this company was spurred by Inkinen’s own experience with Type 2 Diabetes.

The company uses a blend of physicians, coaches, and algorithms to create custom plans for patients to reverse their condition without medication or surgery.


Brandless is a consumer goods company that seeks to offer household goods at one simple price. Their unique selling point is that none of their goods are from big brands and are “brandless”. They are able to sell simple goods such as olive oil or dish soap all for $3.


Trove is a simple storage solution to those who want to be close to their stuff. Trove partners with local moving companies to move customer’s items. For a minimum of $100, customers can have professional packers move their items to a new storage location and take a pictorial inventory of all of their stuff for view on their app. Customers are able to request items from their storage to be delivered to their home. As of right now, Trove only serves customers in the San Francisco area.


All of these cool startups are doing revolutionary things; from trying to reverse Type 2 diabetes to creating waterproof fitness tracker rings. You’ll definitely want to watch these 5 hot tech startups in 2018.