5 Ways To Improve Your Luck


Do you believe in luck? Do you think that someone is more likely to get a positive result than you are simply because they are ‘lucky’? Do you think how lucky you are is completely out of your control? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’ll probably be pleased to know that luck is not based on simple chance and that there are proven strategies you can use to actually improve your luck. Intrigued? Read on for five ways you can become a much luckier person!

Visualize a ‘Lucky’ Result

Visualization is a powerful tool and can have a profound effect on how ‘lucky’ you are. When you are about ready to embark on an activity where you need luck, spend a few minutes beforehand visualizing the best possible result. For example, if you are about ready to audition for a play, take a few minutes to visualize having the best audition of your life and getting the part. Go on to visualize how wonderful it will be to perform on stage and the applause you will receive when you take your final bow. When you visualize the best possible result, you will subconsciously want to match those results and will perform at a higher level.

Work Harder

No matter what anyone tells you, luck is not about sitting around and waiting for something fortuitous to happen to you. Those who are the luckiest are usually those who work the hardest to create opportunities. When one or more of those opportunities pans out, we often think it’s due to luck when in reality, it was a product of many hours of effort.

Calm Your Anxiety

Those who are anxious tend to miss opportunities that their more relaxed counterparts notice and are able to take advantage of. When we experience anxiety, our fight or flight response is heightened and we can tense up and get tunnel vision. We are constantly watching out for danger and rarely see the opportunities that are right in front of us. By calming your anxiety, breathing deeply, and rooting yourself in the present, you can often take advantage of ‘lucky’ circumstances that have been there the whole time.

Trust Your Hunches

We all have that little voice in our heads that nudges us to do the right thing. Unfortunately, most people have found a way to block out that voice in favor of following other people’s advice or due to fear. That little voice is actually your intuition, and it’s a valuable companion. The more you tune into your intuition, listen to it, and act on it, the stronger and more accurate that voice will become. The next time you get a ‘feeling’ about something, follow it. It will likely lead you to some ‘lucky’ results!

Understand Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

If you think you’re unlucky, it’s quite likely you will be. A self-fulfilling prophecy occurs when we subconsciously live out what we believe to be true. If we think people don’t like us, we look for all the signs that we are not well-liked and ignore anything to the contrary, thus confirming our belief. Start telling yourself you are lucky and look for all the reasons this may be true. When you pay attention to the positive instead of the negative, you will begin altering your behavior to confirm your belief.

Luck isn’t all about four leaf clovers and rabbits’ feet. It’s about working hard to create opportunity, learning how to calm down and recognize those opportunities that are in front of us, and truly believing that we are worthy and lucky people.