6 Easy Ways To De-Stress After A Long Day


In today’s stressful environment, it can be easy to arrive home after a hard day and find it difficult to relax. Maybe you’re coming home to a family who is clamoring for attention but you simply can’t disconnect from work. Or perhaps you’re coming home to an empty house and want to find a way to settle down and take a deep breath so you can enjoy an evening of leisure time. Regardless of your situation, these six easy relaxation techniques might offer the perfect solution.

Take a Bath

No, baths are not just for kids! There’s something about sinking into a warm bath fragrant with essential oils or bath salts that is incredibly relaxing. To up the de-stressing factor even further, pour yourself a glass of red wine and put on your favorite music to listen to while you soak. You’ll emerge a happier and much more relaxed person!


The gentle movements of yoga are perfect for the stressed out individual who wants to perform some activity at the end of their day. Hitting the gym or going for a run can cause even more adrenaline to be released, which is counter-productive to relaxing. Yoga, however, provides a good stretch that can be ideal for those who have been stuck at their desks all day.

Read a Novel

Reading is more relaxing than numbing out in front of the TV because there are no blue lights stimulating brain activity. And there’s nothing like getting lost in the lives of others when you read an especially well-written novel. Your day full of meetings and angry clients will seem like nothing when you read about characters who are dealing with war, revolution, or just their own messed up realities.  


You’ve probably noticed the market has been recently flooded with a crop of adult coloring books. There’s a good reason for this! Research has shown that coloring can be incredibly relaxing, especially for creative types who need an outlet that is not directly tied to their livelihood. Whether you grab a trendy book or just steal your kids’ Disney selection, you might be surprised at how relaxing coloring can actually be.

Make a Comfort Food Meal

Many people find cooking to be incredibly relaxing. Chopping vegetables, stirring fragrant ingredients, and pulling the final delicious meal from the oven can be deeply satisfying. If you have a really tough day, try to cook something you remember being comforting from your childhood.

Play with Pets

The unconditional love that you get from your pets is a perfect tonic for those who have had days filled with demands from bosses, colleagues, and clients. Snuggle up with a cat who only wants a few pets on the head to be happy or throw a ball for a dog that will be incredibly grateful for the attention.

Don’t let a tough day carry over into your evening and negatively affect time with your family or your ability to rejuvenate. Try one of these six easy tips as soon as you get home to signal your brain its time to relax.