7 Quick Hacks To Save You Big Bucks


7 Quick Hacks To Save You Big Bucks

We all know that saving money is good. There is nothing bad or disgraceful about being money conscious. But these days, people are spending hundreds of dollars on things they don’t need weekly. Your actions and decisions are the main reasons your bank account keeps mysteriously declining. But there is a solution. And, if you think that budget planning is hard, I will prove you wrong within seconds.

turn off your lights

1. Let’s start with the most obvious and easiest way – turn off your lights.
People have become much more reasonable when it comes to utility costs. We buy energy saving bulbs, try to use less air conditioner, turn the heat off when we are not at home, etc., but our utility bills keep rising anyway. Developing the habit of switching off the lights when you are not in the room can significantly cut back on monthly utility bills.

Brew your own coffee

2. Brew your own coffee (my personal favorite).
While your colleagues spend $3 or more per cup at coffee shops, try to make your own coffee at home or at work. Even modest coffee-shop addicts will save on average about $50 a month. That’s roughly $600 a year.

Take your bike or walk

3. Take your bike or walk rather than public transportation.
Tell me, how often do you decide to take an Uber or train instead of walking to a shop that is only 3 to 4 blocks away? If you get a chance and the weather permits it, take a walk, it’ll do both your health and your wallet a huge favor.Clear your browsing history

4. Clear your browsing history.
Before going shopping online, make sure you’ve cleaned up your browser history. Online companies scan your cache and browser history, and can raise prices based on this data. This especially applies to airline tickets that you buy online.
When you check out online, use a guest option instead of signing in, since a new customer usually gets the lower prices.

Pay with cash

5. Pay with cash.

You are more likely to spend less if you pay with cash rather than a credit card. Why? Because you can actually see what you are spending when paying cash. Caring around limited amount of cash saves you from making impulse purchases.Buy a water filter.

6. Buy a water filter.
Ever thought of how much money you spend a year on bottled water?
A lot, to say the least! I recommend you buy yourself a water filter. It’s cheaper, healthier and it’ll save you tons of cash. In fact, filtered water is better for you than spring water because of all the process it goes through.

Become a flexitarian

7. Become a flexitarian.
This funny word means that someone is flexible with how they eat – not exactly a vegetarian, but not a great meat eater either. Prices for beef and chicken keep rising daily, so eating vegetarian a few days per week can save you big bucks, not to mention includes a plethora of health benefits.