9 Easy Ways To Track Your Health With Technology


Taking care of your health can be a struggle, but with all the latest tech innovations, tracking your health has become much easier. Wearable hi-tech devices and downloadable apps make it easy to track health issues by setting and managing goals and keeping track of them at the same time. Here are nine easy ways you can track your health with technology.

1. Recommended Tech For Better Sleep

Sleep is very important to brainpower, health, beauty and overall well-being. During sleep, your body works on healing any damaged cells, boosting your immune system and recovering from the previous day’s activities. Sleep trackers usually measure when you fall asleep and how much time you spend in deep-sleep or waking up. With this information you can act to improve the quality of your sleep and thus improve your health.

Sleep as Android app: The sleep cycle tracking feature wakes you up at the best possible time so you’re well rested. It also wakes you with sounds, music or alarms and warns you if you are running on a sleep deficit. It even alerts you if you are snoring or talking in your sleep.

2. Recommended Tech For Staying Fit

The most popular healthcare wearables are the fitness and sport activity trackers. Most smartphones already have built-in apps for measuring how many steps you take a day, how many calories you eat and whether you exercise. Most apps will let you set goals so you can make smart decisions.

Fitbit Surge: Of all the brands of fitness trackers on the market, Fitbit is the best-known, and for good reason. This touch-screen wrist watch tracks your steps, alerts you to incoming calls and texts, monitors your heart rate and uses GPS to track outdoor activity.

3. Recommended Tech For Reducing Stress

Stress is one of the biggest health risks in our busy environment today. Stress can lead to heart disease, obesity, diabetes, gastrointestinal problems, headaches, anxiety and asthma. It reduces your level of focus, leads to bad sleep and decreases emotional well-being. It can be fought successfully with the help of technology.

PIP: this tiny device is designed to give immediate feedback about your stress levels. You just hold the PIP device between the thumb and index fingers to measure skin conductivity for a few minutes. Its smartphone app helps you learn how to reduce stress by helping you transform your mind while relaxing you and giving you tips along the way.

4. Recommended Tech For Optimizing Weight

Weight still constitutes an important factor to our health. Obesity can lead to heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke or cancer. On the other hand, being too skinny also leads to health problems such as anemia, low immune system or fertility issues. It is important to find your optimum weight, body mass index (BMI), and to measure it on a regular basis.

Fitbit Aria: The smart scale tracks your weight and body fat percentage and uploads the information to a cloud-based account in your Wi-Fi network. This app can sense up to eight different people, using historical data to work out who each person is. The best part is that it connects to your FitBit account so you can see weight changes and physical activity.

5. Recommended Tech For Measuring Body Temperature

 An optimal body temperature is important. We all vividly remember when we were sick as a kid and the first thing Mom did was check our temperature – which took minutes of sitting still with a thermometer under our tongue or armpit. Luckily, recent devices allow you to measure temperature in a fast and frustration-free way.

Viatom Checkme: It not only measures your body temperature, but also traces ECG, measures pulse rate and rhythm, oxygen saturation, systolic blood pressure, physical activity and sleep. It only takes a second for the device to determine whether you have a fever or if you are completely healthy.

6. Recommended Tech For Meditation

Meditation reduces stress levels and you should definitely spend time finding the best possible way to do so. Meditation has been scientifically shown to reduce symptoms associated with stress, depression and anxiety. New technology can actually help you to reach a calm and relaxing state of mind easier.

Muse headband: This high tech headband helps you get the most out of meditating by giving you biofeedback of what is going on in your mind. You put the headset on and complete the breathing exercises to certain sounds that indicate how focused and calm you are. If your mind is too active, the Muse gives you feedback to help you clear your thoughts.

7. Recommended Tech For Your Blood Pressure

Keeping track of your blood pressure is a good idea to help control it before it gets too high. Uncontrolled high blood pressure can cause blood clots to form, blocking blood flow and potentially causing a stroke.

Omron Evolv: This lightweight, easy-to-use tracker has the ability to share your information with certain people. It is compatible with the Omron Connect app which lets you record all of your information and monitor your blood pressure anytime, anyplace.

8. Recommended Tech For Your Mental Health

There are many ways daily tracking can help you assess your mental well-being. It can help you understand medication or mood patterns or just be a log to show your mental health practitioner.

Code Blue: Launching this spring, this app is designed to provide support for those struggling with depression or bullying. Users can choose several contacts to be part of their support group. With just a few taps, the app will alert the support group that the user needs immediate help. Members of the support group can then text or call the user. The app can also share the user’s location with the support group, and members can indicate that they are on their way to see the user in person.

Talkspace: This app seeks to make therapy more available by connecting users with a licensed therapists via messaging which is good for those who need therapy on their timetable or those who wish to have a bit of anonymity. This app is free to download but does have a monthly rate to use the therapy services.

9. Recommended Tech For Anxiety

Functioning with anxiety can be debilitating. Anxiety may cause loss of appetite, muscle tension, headaches, insomnia and panic attacks. This constant state of stress and worry can also lead to depression.

SAM: The Self-help Anxiety Management (SAM) app is designed to help people manage their anxiety. Users can record their anxiety levels and identify different triggers. The app includes many self-help options to cope with the physical and mental symptoms of anxiety.