From #Birther To #Girther: Why Trump’s Weight Matters


When White House physician Dr. Ronny Jackson revealed that President Trump is 6’3” tall and weighs 239 pounds, the revelation set forth an instant maelstrom of doubters, which started the “#Girther” movement on Twitter.

The term was coined not only as a representation of the scandal, but as a callback to Trump’s “#Birther” conspiracy theory that questioned former President Barack Obama’s U.S. citizenship.

Many are calling “foul” and insisting that the president’s weight would be considered “obese” if he was one pound heavier at the reported height of 6’3” and definitely so if his true height of 6’1” was reported.

Don’t believe us on the height thing? Google “Trump inauguration” where he was photographed next to former President Barack Obama, who is 6’1”. They’re the same height.

Don’t believe us on the weight thing? Google “Trump Tom Brady weight” to see athletes who weigh what Trump says he weighs at 6’3”. There’s a major difference across the board, and it doesn’t look good for #45.

Fueling the fire of #Girther is director James Gunn, of the movie franchise Guardians of the Galaxy fame.

Gunn posted on Twitter: “I will give 100 thousand dollars to Trump’s favorite charity if he will step on an accurate scale with an impartial medical professional, okayed by both of us. For real. #Girther #GirtherMovement

Gunn added a tweet that his offer had nothing to do with fat shaming, but explained that “It has to do with a continuous pattern of fabricating facts by both Trump and his administration.”

And many more pictures have surfaced online that seem to disprove the doctor’s (and Trumps) claims.

For example, Trump’s New York state issued driver’s license lists his height at 6’2”. It’s a known fact that, as people age, they lose height. Gersh Kuntzman posted on Twitter, “For the record, @realDonaldTrump said he was 74 inches in 2012. Now his doctor says he’s 75 inches. And that one inch makes is BMI “overweight” not “obese.” I’m a #girther because old men don’t GROW an inch!”
On other fronts that are sure to beg the question, Dr. Jackson concluded after a mental health screening that included testing for Alzheimer’s disease, that Trump is “sharp” and “intact,” adding, “I had absolutely no concerns about his cognitive ability or his – you know, his neurological function. So I was not going to do a cognitive exam. I had no intention of doing one.”

Jackson’s other findings included that Trump scored a perfect 30/30 on the Montreal Cognitive Assessment test, adding that there was “no indication that he has cognitive issues … He’s very sharp. He’s very articulate when he speaks to me,’ Jackson said. The report reveals that Trump takes Propecia for hair loss and a prescription for rosacea (reddening of the skin), he does not drink alcohol, take drugs or use tobacco. Jackson did note that the president does not have an exercise program, stating, “We discussed diet, exercise, and weight loss. He would benefit from a diet that was lower in fat and carbohydrates and from a routine exercise regimen … all clinical data indicates that the President is currently very healthy and that he will remain so for the duration of his Presidency.”

Interesting claim. Has your doctor ever looked that far in the future? Or maybe he knows something we don’t? Talk amongst yourselves.