How To Choose The Best Laptop For Business


Buying the right laptop for your business can be crucial to your success, whether you’re a one-person band or heading up a team of professionals. Before you buy, think about what features are most important. Know how you will be using it and what you need manage your business fully.


No one wants to pay any more than necessary, but your business needs are most important here. The money you save on a less expensive laptop may be eaten up in time or actual lost sales/jobs using less reliable equipment.

For those with a very limited budget, the top recommended computer is an Acer Aspire Switch 3 Laptop SW312-31-P946. This model includes a touchscreen, Intel HD graphics 50s, and an Active Pen Stylus.

It will cost you around $450 and comes loaded with a 30-day Microsoft Office trial. You will have to upgrade your Microsoft Office package, but it is the best way to manage your business on a budget.

Speed, Connectivity and Reliability

With these desirable qualities you’ll pay significantly more, but you’ll also increase your efficiency and decrease your frustration. Whether you’re processing orders, doing your bookkeeping or mining bitcoins, speed rules.

What good is a computer that doesn’t work when you need it to? Connectivity is crucial whether you’re on a business trip, connecting with clients, checking your operations from home, or researching ideas for future growth.

Taking speed, connectivity, and reliability into account, the top-rated business laptop is the Lenovo ThinkPad T470.

With an Intel Core i5 processor it can easily run multiple programs. It is well-built, has proven reliability, long battery life and external cells for travel, as well as a large variety of ports. With fingerprint login technology and touchscreen options, you’ll have a secure workstation wherever you go.

Another top choice is the Apple MacBook Pro with Touch Bar 13 Inch. Called the best MacBook Pro ever, it has all the speed, great graphics, and smooth OS (operating system) that MacIntosh is known for. Apple has faced criticism in the past for short battery life on their computers, but reviewers say this model has shown great improvement.

Some of the other criteria you may consider when choosing your new laptop are:


If travel is a big part of your business you will notice that extra pound or so as the day gets long.

Graphics and Tools

Great graphics are crucial for presentations if that’s part of your business. A high-quality stylus and touchpad will make a big difference in how well you work with your laptop.


Wireless connectivity is important, but sometimes you need a good selection of built-in ports to access other tools, databases, thumb drives, etc.


Know the programs you need to run your business and that your new computer’s operating system can run them efficiently. If you need an upgrade on your programs, it can be a major budgeting issue.


Everyone wants access to your new computer. Too often, makers load in programs or games that you’re never going to use. All these programs do is take up valuable space on your hard drive and slow down your computer. Ask your seller what is preloaded, and if any programs you won’t be using can be removed before you pick it up.

The important thing is to know what programs and tools you need to operate flawlessly on your new laptop and stay focused when making your purchase.

If you can, find a brick-and-mortar store to see exactly how it looks and feels. Plus you can give them a chance to meet any price you may have found online and become your service experts, too.