How To Stop Fighting Over Money With Your Partner


Fighting about money can ruin the relationship with the person you’ve decided is the most important in your life. Frequent squabbles about money is one of the top reasons for divorce. Couples tend to argue more about money than sex, household chores, and time spent together. Most couples are not on the same page when it comes to finances and this can often be the bone for contention. It’s important to discuss finances with your significant other prior to making important life decisions like cohabitation, a large purchase, or marriage.

Talk About It

One of the biggest mistakes that couples make is that they don’t have an open and honest communication about money. Each individual has different ideas and values when it comes to finances and it is important to understand your partner’s money mindset to prevent conflict. Recognize your differences instead of resisting them.

Talking about money can be awkward and uncomfortable but it is something that couples must learn to do. Successful couples discuss every aspect of their finances including loans, mortgages and everything else related to money.

If your partner has a spending problem, you need to talk about it. When you have a continuous open dialogue, you will be able to understand each other’s needs and wants. This can help in avoiding conflict.

If you simply cannot effectively discuss money matters, try couple’s counseling with a emphasis on communication around finances. Therapy can help and is worth it in the long run.

Develop Financial Goals Together

When you start sharing your finances, you need to decide what you want to do with the resources. You need to come up with goals as a team and check on them regularly to ensure that you are on the same page.

It can become difficult to set the course for other life goals if you and your partner don’t share the same long-term financial goals. Check on your monetary goals at regular intervals to ensure that you are on track to achieving them.

Understand Your Partner’s Money Mindset

It is important to understand how your partner developed a particular mindset towards money. This can help partners in understanding each other and finding a middle ground that works for both of them.

When understanding your partner’s money philosophy, you also need to reflect on your own money philosophy. Take time to think about your individual thoughts and relationship with money. This can help in identifying exactly where you differ with your partner.

Respect Your Partner’s Financial Decisions

No couple will agree on every single financial decision, as they will have different priorities. In a successful relationship, partners will need to respect each other’s choices. This will help you keep an open mind even if your partner’s spending and saving habits are different. Avoid blaming your partner and try to find a solution to the financial problems that have besieged your relationship.

In most disagreements about money, emotions tend to flare up and things can easily get out of hand. When talking about money, try to be calm and understand your partner’s perspective. Avoid keeping secrets when it comes to money.

It is always advisable for couples to have full financial disclosure before marriage. Financial transparency needs to be maintained even after marriage. This can help in keeping the relationship healthy.