Release Date For Michelle Obama’s Memoir Set


Not too long ago, the Obamas announced a joint book deal, and we found out that Barack’s deal alone was rumored to be more than $60 million.

While we knew that his autobiography would be a behind-the-scenes of his eight years in the White House, we didn’t hear much about Michelle Obama, until now. She’s just released the debut date of her book, as well as some details on what readers can expect.

Michelle is writing a memoir that promises to be quite revealing about the former first lady and her time in the White House with President Barack Obama.

The memoir is called Becoming, and it will be released in 24 languages (as well as an audio book read by the former FLOTUS) on November 13, 2018.

Mrs. Obama will be going on a global book tour to promote Becoming, and her publisher Penguin Random House will donate a million copies in her family’s name to the nonprofit First Book, which provides learning materials and books to children in need.

Her previous book, American Grown, focused on her nutrition initiatives as first lady, as well as her own White House kitchen garden.

In contrast, Becoming will offer a more intimate lens on her life.

Barack Obama and Michelle, before marriage, in 1992

Michelle has revealed that the memoir will be “deeply personal,” which will include her opening up about how she found her voice, her marriage to former POTUS Barack Obama, and talking about her perspective during her family’s time in the White House. She’ll also share her perspective and experiences on motherhood for the first time.

But even more intriguing than her rise to fame would be an exploration of Michelle’s roots, which she’ll discuss in depth in her memoir. She was born and raised in Chicago’s tumultuous South Side, the same place where she met now-husband Barack.

Even though she wasn’t raised in wealth, Michelle attests to family values as the reason she’s successful today, stating that young people need “consistent love and support and the belief of somebody out there that they’re worthy. I had that.”

Since leaving the White House, the Obamas have been working on the Obama Foundation, which works toward developing programs that encourage civic engagement and gives leaders and everyday citizens the tools they need to create social change.

Michelle Obama during her “Let’s Move” campaign in the White House garden, 2011

Apart from penning a previous book, Michelle was involved in getting children in school to adopt healthier eating habits, as well as making healthy food more accessible for struggling families.

In 2010, she launched the Let’s Move! effort to end childhood obesity within a generation, as well as championing a healthier school lunch program which provides reduced price and free meals to over 21 million children in low income families.

Beginning in 2012, school districts were required to serve healthier ingredients like vegetables, whole grains and lean protein. In 2017, the Trump administration relaxed the healthy food standards required by schools.

Since leaving the White House, Michelle Obama hasn’t been particularly active in politics and has invested much of her time in writing. Her memoir Becoming can be pre-ordered here.