Secret Santa Presents That Got People Fired


Thinking of hosting a work Secret Santa party? Attending a work Secret Santa party? Well, before you do, here are three presents you don’t want to bring to the festivities … or else it might be the last party you attend.


An employee of a well-known Fortune 500 company apparently thought it was a good idea to bring a dildo to his office holiday party. The sex toy, packaged in a wine bottle box so as not to arouse suspicion, just happened to be picked up by a very religious woman who was in attendance at the party.

Before opening the gift, the male employee warned the woman that there might not be a case of wine inside the package. You can only imagine the shock, however, when she opened the wine box only to discover a plastic penis on the other end. Needless to say, several people lodged complaints upon returning to the office, and the gentleman ended up losing his job shortly afterwards.

After being fired, the Secret Santa threatened to sue his employer for improper termination. What’s interesting here is that he likely would’ve kept his job if he hadn’t bragged about being the one to do it and how awesome the idea was. Talk about an HR nightmare.


In theory, this one sounds like it could be a funny idea with the right crowd on the surface … until you remember that you have to deal with the logistics afterwards.

One worker in California brought an inflatable penis with testicles to his annual holiday party that, once submerged in water, would increase in size. It’s the thought that counts, right? Apparently not. The object’s recipient, who happened to be male, was stunned to find the gift-wrapped box containing a semi-erect phallus inside.

Humiliated at such an offensive and obnoxious gift, the recipient made a complaint to management and the Secret Santa was fired within two days. Coworkers described the gift giver as being unusually excited when it came time for the recipient to open the item; apparently, that was what identified him as the originator of the package.


Throw this one into the bizarre category.

An employee of a company that was on the job for only a few weeks received a case of beer from her Secret Santa at the holiday party. Apparently, the gift giver either forgot about the party or was too lazy (or drunk) to pick up a gift.

Either way, Santa’s coworkers were not pleased with his lack of creativity. Unlike the other objects, there were no complaints about the gift’s appropriateness, just that it was lame. That’s right: he was fired simply for bringing an uninspiring gift.

It is unknown whether the case of beer was consumed by the recipient or not.

So there you have it: when it comes to holiday parties, it’s always better to err on the side of caution. It’s one thing to be clever, but steer clear of trying to shock with sex toys or be ‘funny’ with unimaginative gifts.