The Best Movies To Watch With Your Kids


In today’s world, just about every movie is available at the push of a button. With the amount of time kids spend in front of a video screen skyrocketing, it’s increasingly more important to think about what your kids are watching.

Storylines are important and the kinds of values presented in some movies even more so. It’s also very important to talk with your child about a movie so you can learn what they got out of it.

What you as a parent get out of a movie could be vastly different from what your child does. Listening to what they say will tell you where they are in understanding stories. This will help your make good choices for them.

Here are the best movies to watch with your children.

For younger children, it’s good to stick with colorful, fun movies, such as those from the Pixar or Disney catalogs, animal “buddy” pictures, and the Muppets.

Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Toy Story 3

Three can’t miss movies that are fun for all ages while they teach the meanings of true friendship, loyalty, and love.


The favorite characters from Despicable Me use their charm and innocence to foil a plot to take over the world.

The Muppet Movie

Great songs, and jokes for everyone to enjoy. The first and the best of the Muppet movies to date.

For kids who like animal stories, try:

The Lion King

A Disney treatment on storylines derived from the Old Testament and Shakespeare’s Hamlet with great songs, jokes and a tear or two.

Happy Feet

Dancing penguins and Robin Williams. Do you really need to know more? Happy Feet teaches about using your talents to their utmost and true relationships.

Finding Nemo

The first Pixar Animation production released by Walt Disney Pictures is filled with funny characters and adventure. It’s both a buddy picture and a father-and-son picture all-in-one.

Other great animal pictures to consider include:

“How To Train Your Dragon”
“Milo & Otis”
“Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey”
“Finding Dory”
“Monsters, Inc.”
“101 Dalmations”
“Madagascar” (Series)
“A Bug’s Life”

Kids who are ready for a more complex story line but aren’t ready for PG-13 movies will find some good choices here:

The Princess Bride

Action, humor, romance and some of the most memorable characters you’ll ever see, including: Wesley, Inigo Montoya, The Dread Pirate Roberts and Fezzik (played by Andre the Giant).

The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe

A high-fantasy epic based on the book by C.S. Lewis. Set during the World War II blitz in Britain, the children are evacuated to the countryside where they find a fantasy world with a battle they can help win.

Harry Potter series (8 movies)

A young orphan boy lives with unpleasant relatives who treat him terribly. Life improves and adventure begins when his talent for magic reveals itself and he’s sent off to a special school to learn more.

The Sound of Music

Classic songs with a lovely story about an inexperienced nanny for kids who’ve lost their mother and have an emotionally distant father. Add to that a dash of romance and a daring escape from the Nazis and you’ve got an enjoyable evening for the whole family.

Other fine movies for children include:

“The Wizard Of OZ”
“E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial”
“Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory”
“Inside Out”
“Spirited Away”
“Spy Kids”
“Star Wars” (series)
“The Iron Giant”

This is just the beginning of the great movies you can share with your children. The lessons they learn, the songs they can sing, and the pure joy they receive from them is priceless. Don’t forget to think about favorite movies from your childhood and share them, too.