What Your Favorite RPG Character Says About You


Cowboys. Pirates. Vikings. Ninjas. As kids, we all pretended to be them at one point or another, wielding invisible swords or swinging imaginary nunchucks on the playground. As teens, we had embarassingly detailed debates over who would win in a fight, pirates or ninjas (ninjas, obviously). And as adults, we still get excited when the latest CGI-filled historical-fantasy film comes out and lets us escape into the world of our favorite warrior archetypes for two hours.

But did you ever wonder what your favorite warrior character says about you? Read on to find out.


You’re a straight shooter who’s never afraid to speak his mind. You like to rough it and feel right at home in the great outdoors. As a frequent traveler, you never stay in one place too long. You prefer camping under the stars to a pampered bed and breakfast. A little sunburn doesn’t bother you, but you never go anywhere without a hat. You’re an animal lover who believes a horse is a man’s best friend. You don’t go looking for fights, but you never back down from a challenge.


On the plus side, you’re a thrifty saver who likes to keep a little treasure hidden away for a rainy day. On the down side, you’re a bit of a hoarder and have trouble sharing. But you’re a people person who makes friends easily and doesn’t take life too seriously. You enjoy a good time, but you like to keep track of your investments. Your laid back attitude and sound financial sense make you the perfect catch — but you’re not ready to walk down that plank just yet.


Like the Norse god Loki, you have a great sense of mischief, so you’re known to play the occasional practical joke on your friends. But you’re also fiercely loyal and regard them as your family. You have a restless spirit and like to wander, but due to your strong inner compass you never have to stop for directions. You don’t spend a lot of time worrying about your clothes but you have a bold sense of style. You have a great sense of adventure and aren’t afraid to seek new challenges.


I’m not saying you blend in with a crowd, but you like to keep a low profile. A smooth operator, you always know how to get out of sticky situations. You’re efficient in everything you do, so it’s no surprise you’re a man of few words. You’re not much of a morning person, but you really come alive at night. Cautious and clever, you never waste time and rarely make mistakes, so you have a lot going for you. Just remember to get some sun every once and a while!


You’re a traditional kind of guy. You’re respectful to your elders and always hold doors open for ladies. People describe you as chivalrous. Some might even call you old-fashioned, but not to your face — you have a strong and intimidating presence. You like to be part of a group, but you’re known to go off on your own every once and a while. Your friends might complain that sometimes you’re distant, but you always value your time together.


You’re philosophical and understand that sometimes inaction is wiser than action. You remain calm under pressure and aren’t easily provoked. You always try to do the right thing and live by your own personal code of honor. But you have a tendency to be too hard on yourself. Remember, just because you make a mistake, it doesn’t mean the world is over. Try not to hold yourself to impossible standards.