When To Commit: 6 Signs You’re Ready To Make It Official



Relationships are like a job, there’s a lot of time and energy necessary to make them work through all the many scenarios that will come your way. Deciding to plunge into something where you must dedicate everything is a big moment in any person’s life, especially during a time when dating is such a free-flowing concept. With dozens of matchmaking sites, social media platforms and “friends of friends,” the possibilities of constant flings are endless. Social expectations and technology make it more difficult for people, in general, to decide whether or not they should settle down.

It takes the bravest soldiers of love to give their all to someone. Finding a true partner to navigate through life with is an incredible moment and one of the most rewarding battles. They say, “when you know, you know” but in case you wanted to verify, here are six tell-all signs that prove you’ve found your soul mate.

1. You’d Rather Hang Out With Each Other All The Time

This is relationship gold. If you both prefer each other’s company than being with anyone else, you have an incredible foundation. You both may have your friends, but at the end of the day, if you’re lovers and besties, you have the most powerful combo.

2. You Feel More Confident & Empowered With Them

Within the world full of countless pressures, does this person manage to lift you up to your best and truest self? Your partner should give you consistent support and be the one who makes you feel like nothing could hold you back in life. Their presence should mean sheer comfortability and almost zero insecurities.

3. When You Fight It Doesn’t Mean It’s Over

Those pairs are the worst, you know the ones that break up and get back together twice a week on the regular? If you’re NOT one of those, and consider arguments as a platform to grow stronger, then you’re on the right path!

4. Your Emotions Are An Open Book

Both of you feel absolutely comfortable expressing yourselves openly. No judgment lies between words, whether it boils down to more negative topics or just saying how much you mean to each other.  Pride-less love is the best kind of love.

5. You Think About Growing As One

Once you take on a committed relationship, you completely accept that person into your daily life. When you make decisions, small or large, they are always part of the equation. You are absolutely ready to alter your routine for this person and most of all you actually enjoy it!

6. The Physical Chemistry Is Total Fire

You two must be 100% mad for each other when you decide to take the next step.This doesn’t always have to mean sexually, just the touch of the hand or a simple hug should make both of you happier.

All these tips will never make a relationship work if it’s only one-sided. Both parties need to be on the same page if you’re on track for a healthy and beautiful love!