Must-Have Travel Gadgets


Modern technology is making it easier and safer to go where we want to go with today’s conveniences. Taking on a new adventure has never been more fun, and we’ve got the top tech gadgets listed here to make your trips even more memorable. These smart tools will change the way you experience the world!

4-Way T-Shirt

Pack light but stay stylish, high-tech and functional: The Uztzu 4-in-1 T-shirt is designed in Italy. There’s no designated front, back, inside or out, and the four different sides each have their own print so you’ve got a new look just by turning your shirt around, or inside out. So what’s high-tech about it? It’s designed with stay-dry nano-technology as well as smell proof technology. And for those who like to stay green, it’s made from recycled materials. Two of these shirts and you’re good for a week’s worth of travel. They should start making pants, too.

Solar Charging Backpack

A lot of new tech for the traveler features products that support devices. Solar backpacks will keep your devices charged, like the Kingson’s solar charging backpack with a USB port for under $100. You could also splurge for the $300 Voltaic Systems Array Solar Backpack that comes with a charger, battery and standard adapters. It’s lightweight, water-resistant, and comes with short circuit, over charge, over current and temperature protection. It’s made from recycled soda bottles.

Smart Bags

If a backpack isn’t your style, try a smart bag from E-Case Luggage. You can download its app that allows you to track your bag with its GPS device. This bag will also weigh itself, so there aren’t any overweight surprises at check-in. If that’s not enough, how about hands-free luggage with Travelmate Robotics, a fully autonomous suitcase and robot. It also weighs itself, has GPS tracking and will roll alongside you as you walk through the airport hands-free. It can roll along with you at 6.75 mph. The Travelmate suitcase robot comes in three sizes including a 20-inch carry-on.

Safe Bags

A huge concern while traveling these days is theft. Protect your possessions and your identity with a LOCTOTE Flak Sack. This bag is a drawstring backpack made out of heavy duty, double-layer slash-resistant fabric, plus it’s lockable and water repellant. It features pockets made of RFID blocking material to protect you from the unauthorized scanning of your credit cards. The last thing you want is ID theft when you’re traveling.

If water fun is in your travel plans, take along the WaterSeals Magnetic Waterproof Pouch. It’s perfect for protecting your smartphone in a clear, watertight pouch that allows full use of the phone while it stays dry inside. Now, you don’t need a pricy camera to pretend you’re Jacques Cousteau on your underwater dives, just put your phone in your WaterSeals Magnetic Waterproof Pouch and click away.

Travel Keyboard

Those lengthy writing or work projects are now manageable with the Kanex MultiSync Foldable Travel Keyboard. Folded up, it only takes the space of a thin paperback book. When it’s unfolded and linked to your phone, it’s a full-size QWERTY keyboard with an ergonomic design. This keyboard is called, “MultiSync” because it can sync wirelessly with four different devices. Travel writers, bloggers and anyone who can’t say what they want to say easily with a tiny smartphone touchpad keyboard, or in 144 characters, will love this brilliant new travel keyboard for smartphones.


Another cool travel tech gadget is the Shavetech USB Travel Shaver. It’s compact, lightweight and smaller than a smartphone. You don’t need an extra cord or wall adapter since it charges via USB with the rest of your equipment.

Personal Air Filter

Breathing problems are the worst, especially if you have to travel to a place with more pollution than you are used to. DetoxAir to the rescue. DetoxAir is a small, high-tech air filter with a mouthpiece that’s about the size of a small harmonica. You may get a few looks from some people, but they probably take breathing freely for granted. Now you can too. It can help you avoid breathing germs on long flights with recycled air. It helps people who like to go out for a run and not inhale so much auto exhaust in busy cities; and it blocks dust and allergens, too to keep you breathing freely.

Need we say more? Tech-based travel gadgets can make your excursions run like a breeze. They’ll help you navigate through your days lighter, more efficiently, and make you the envy of other travelers to boot!