8 Hair Dryer Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind


A good blowout is every woman’s BFF when it’s time to tame the mane, but did you know that a blow dryer has tons of easy, useful tricks for everyone in the family? It doesn’t even have to be a high-end or professional-grade hair dryer.

Whether you’re traveling and need to smooth out your business attire last minute or want to remove that ugly car dealer sticker from your bumper, these hair dryer hacks will make your life a lot easier. The added bonus is that they cost nothing!

1. Smooth wrinkled fabrics

Spray clothes, cloth drapes or shower curtains with water to dampen the material and then blast the material with high heat until the fabric is smooth. If you’re super rushed, you can skip the water, but that extra step makes the ironing process go a lot quicker.

2. Remove stickers and labels

To get rid of labels on jars or candles, or to remove bumper stickers, simply apply high heat to the sticker until the adhesive starts to melt. Once the tacky material is heated up enough, gently scrape the surface until clean. Use a damp cloth to remove extra debris.

 3. Stretch out shoes

Was a shoe sale just too good to pass up your favorite designer in a half size too small? Don’t fret. Heat the insides of the shoe with medium to high heat. Next, put on a pair of thick socks and walk around until the shoes cool off. The thick socks help stretch the material while the heat helps mold the shoe to the shape of your feet. This technique works better with natural materials like leather.

4. Remove candle or crayon marks

Candles are a great way to set the mood or add aromatherapy to your home, but they can get messy when they drip – especially on your favorite wood furniture. Set the dryer to high heat and warm the wax until it softens. Then scoop the wax off the surface with a plastic spatula. The same technique can be used to remove crayon marks off the wall.

5. Dry a manicure

Blast your glammed-up digits with cool air until dry. Don’t use a warm setting because that will keep the polish tacky longer.

6. Blow up an air mattress or pool floats

Most dryers will fit perfectly into the large opening of an air mattress, just make sure you use a cool setting. Same goes for inflating fun pool floats. Pool toys can be a bit trickier because of their small openings. Sometimes it helps to use a funnel for this reason.

7. Speed up self-tanner

There’s nothing more awkward or annoying than standing around in your birthday suit waiting for the self-tanner to dry. Use a cool or warm setting to dry it super fast so you can show off your gorgeous glow.

8. Clean silk flowers and electronics

Use the coolest setting on high to rid synthetic plants of dust and to clean your electronics without harsh chemicals found in standard cleaners.