9 Tips To Avoid A Midlife Crisis


The danger of having a midlife crisis is a serious problem for many who are wondering if they’ve done enough with their lives — and what comes next.

If you are reaching the mid-point in your life and are starting to feel restless, here are nine tips that can help you avoid a midlife crisis and retain your happiness.

Take On a New Endeavor

When some people enter middle age, they feel they’ve accomplished many of their goals and begin to feel like there’s nothing else out there to strive for. That’s why it’s imperative to try something new or undertake a project that will get you excited about life again. It can be a hobby you’ve always wanted to try, a big trip you want to save for, or even a change in career or returning to school.

Find New Ways to Connect with Your Family

Relationships can become stale or distant by midlife, so now’s the perfect time to reconnect with those you love. Take up a new sport or hobby with your spouse or spend some one-on-one time with your kids to catch up on their lives. You might be surprised at how much those you care about most have changed — and how your relationship with them can deepen if you simply make the effort.

Focus on Your Accomplishments

Do you feel you’ve reached midlife and haven’t accomplished any of the big goals you’ve set for yourself? This can easily set you up for a feeling of failure and lead to a midlife meltdown. That’s why it’s vital to focus on what you’ve achieved over the years — no matter how small the accomplishment. When you focus on every win instead of dwelling on the failures, you rewire your brain for success — and happiness.

Stop Comparing Yourself — Especially on Social Media

Do you spend hours on social media, looking at pictures of your college buddies and high school classmates and wondering why they’re all so much happier and more successful than you are? This is a trap that’s easy to fall into. Keep in mind that social media presents only a small slice of reality and that most of those people you envy are probably no happier or more successful than you are. Focus on yourself and your next step in life instead of comparing yourself to others and you’ll be much less likely to experience midlife discontent.

Talk to Older Generations

With the stressful 24/7 news cycle, it’s easy to start believing we’re living in a world that is simply going down the tubes. Get some perspective by talking to older generations who have been through things like the Great Depression or WWII to get valuable perspective. When you realize there is plenty of light at the end of the tunnel, you’re less likely to fall into midlife despair.

Be Selective About the Company You Keep

Are all your friends constantly complaining, gossiping about others, and generally hating their lives? If so, you’re much more likely to act and feel the same way. Middle age is a crucial time in your life and calls for re-evaluation of those you spend time with. If your friends, co-workers and others you spend time with aren’t lifting you up, supporting you and achieving their own goals and dreams, it may be time to rethink your relationships.

Get Involved in the Community

Taking the focus off yourself and putting it on those less fortunate is a surefire way to increase your feelings of fulfillment. Middle age is the perfect time to start volunteering or to join a non-profit board. When you get behind a cause, you have a purpose much larger than your own goals and can see the positive effects of your time and efforts in a very real way.

Avoid the News

It’s pretty easy to think the world is going to hell in a handbasket if you focus too much on the news. If you get wrapped up in the latest tragedy, political rants, or doom-and-gloom reports on the economy, you can easily lose your lust for life. Try shutting the television or laptop off and spend some time in nature, with a good book, or with your best friends to lighten the mood and up your positivity.

Address Your Biggest Regrets Now

Almost everyone has regrets as they go through life, and many people do nothing to address them until it’s too late. These regrets could be heavy weights on your shoulders and add to the possibility of a midlife crisis. Take some time today to write down things you regret, then decide if you can do anything to remedy them or if you need to just let them go. Once you clear these off your mental plate, you’ll be better able to work toward new goals and a more fulfilled life.

As you ease into your 40s and 50s, you shouldn’t feel that a midlife crisis is inevitable. When you make an effort to keep yourself happy, busy and connected, you can avoid a midlife meltdown and make this one of the best times in your life.