9 Workout Streaming Services To Try At Home


Sometimes finding the motivation for a workout can be exhausting, and you wish that the workout class could come to your living room instead. At-home, streaming on-demand and interactive workout classes are growing in popularity this year and proving to be an affordable, time-saving and accessible exercise option. Going to the gym isn’t for everyone, and these services offers a judgement-free zone from the comfort of your own home.

Fitness Blender

Created by a husband and wife personal trainer team, Fitness blender has a range of workout videos for every fitness level – and they’re all free. This stands out from the rest of subscription services that charge a fee, and Fitness Blender even offers meal plans, thanks to registered dieticians and nutritionists, so say goodbye to Googling random fad diets. Fitness Blender has many customizable features and an encouraging online community, providing you with support without the feel of a crowded gym.

Daily Burn

Over 1,000 workouts can be streamed, and they’re all taught by certified trainers who are experts in their field. Daily Burn offers a 30-day free trial, and its rates are reasonable. Featured in prominent outlets like The View and The New York Times, Daily Burn workouts are customized to fit your specific needs, as opposed to one-size-fits-all Youtube videos. They offer 20 full workout programs, such as the 21 day Inferno challenge. You can communicate with other members of the community via live chat and more. One of the most personalized options, and well worth the small monthly investment.


If you’re a fan of spinning or cycling, Pelaton offers (with the purchase of their indoor exercise bike) free live workouts daily from their best instructors in New York City, along with 24-hour access to on-demand cycling classes. It’s turned non-cyclers into religious Pelaton followers and has been known to be an amazing investment for those who are normally turned off by working out. Pelaton offers a similar system with an in-home treadmill, as well.

Physique 57

Physique 57 workouts are notorious for being a top celebrity choice in strengthening, lengthening and toning. Combining methods of strength-training and cardio using an interval overload method, chiselled results are seen quickly (in as few as eight classes). A range of programs are offered such as a four-week beach body program and a two-week crash course core program. Workout times of 10-, 15-, 30-, 45- and 57-minute videos are available, so whether you’re looking to commit before breakfast or before bed – it’s up to you. The studio classes are highly coveted and expensive, so we opt for this instead!

ClassPass Live

Yes, our favorite studio workout subscription service is finally adding an interactive live-stream option with original fitness videos for just $15 a month. We adore ClassPass, but sometimes, we just want to keep our pajamas on and sneakers off. ClassPass is offered in just 49 cities, so this move really nods towards a ClassPass takeover. People asked for cheaper options that were more easily accessible, and these guys actually listened!


Barre3 combines ballet barre, pilates and yoga into workouts that will tone your whole body and leave you with burning muscles and pumping endorphins. You can stream over 300 workouts and how-to videos from their library with different themes, such as calming, energizing, or challenging. You can get weekly workout plans, and new workouts are added every week. They also offer nutritional guidance and real-time expert advice.

Sweaty Betty

You might recognize sweaty betty from their chic athletic-wear, but Sweaty Betty streams empowering online workout as well. Like Fitness Blender, these videos are free of charge, and there’s a dynamic range of options, from yoga videos, to five-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) targeting sessions, to the ultimate booty-building workout. The library lets your sort videos via workout type, time frame and fitness level. These classes are great because they’re adaptable for all fitness levels.


We love the colorful, user-friendly interface of the Blogilates workout page. On the left-hand side, you can select a workout level and select from a checklist of body focus areas to find your workout. From stretches to cardio dance workouts, there’s literally an endless range of possibilities that will make you excited about exercising, rather than consistently dreading it. Some of the classes even have themes, if you’re shameless about your inner nerd.

Body Positive Yoga

While all of these studios embrace inclusivity and body positivity, this YouTube yoga channel caters to people of all shapes and sizes, with confidence-building, self-acceptance content between videos. Founder Amber Karnes gives specific tutorials on how to transition into workout moves that are harder for certain body types.  If you’re newer to working out and are worried that you don’t have a class-ready body, Body Positive Yoga is here to prove you wrong and uplift you through all of your fitness goals.