Best Makeup Tips For Every Age


Your 20s are the perfect time to try out bold colors

Beauty is all about maximizing your best features while gently downplaying your not-so-perfect assets. But the skincare regimen and makeup choices you have when you’re barely out of your teenage years are very different than what you’ll use when you’ve hit that special golden age.


In your 20s, it’s a time to play with makeup and find what works for your skin type, your complexion and your personality. Want to pair fab fake eyelashes with metallic eyeliner? Go for it! But the most important thing in your 20s is to use the highest level sunscreen to keep you from burning. Sun damage early in life can lead to wrinkles or even cancer later, so play it safe when you’re in the sun.


In your 30s, it’s time to ratchet down the crazy color combos and bold statements you made a decade earlier. You don’t have to give up your individuality, but pick one area of your face to highlight at a time. For instance, if you’re going to a fancy dinner, wear a fire engine red lip but then tone down your eye makeup by opting for just mascara and simple eyeliner. Or if you want to show off a smoky eye, wear a nude or light pink lipstick. It’s all about balance.

Softer colors work well in your 40s


In your 40s, your skin begins its downward spiral toward volume loss, color loss and thinning. You’ll find that fine lines and wrinkles will only serve to magnify bold makeup choices like red lipstick and jet black eyeliner. But that doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing these favorites. Opt for red lipstain or gloss so if it “creeps” into the wrinkles around your mouth, it’s not as obvious as it would be as a thick lipstick. If your eyelids are crepey, try using less eyeliner or choose a softer shade, such as brown, dark green or soft violet. Make sure your eyeliner is waterproof, because as you age, some can experience watery eyes which can make your makeup run. Avoid waterproof mascara, however, which can make your eyelashes brittle and thin. (See “How To Grow Long, Luxurious Lashes” for more tips.)


In your 50s, you’ll likely have lost eyebrow shape and definition. Instead of trying to match the haircolor that you sported in your youth, fill in sparse areas with a soft brown or dark blonde brow pencil or powder. Anything darker will make you look like Baby Jane. Makeup rules from this decade and onward are the same as they were in your 40s. Avoid shocking, bold colors and favor softer versions of them. Stay away from heavy face powders, which will settle in your fine lines, crow’s feet and facial wrinkles. Opt instead for mineral makeup and powder, which is very light but still offers a bit of coverage.

Take care of your skin and look stunning in your 60s


In your 60s, some of you may choose to stop coloring your hair. Good! Silver and white hair is attractive on all skin tones, but you’ve got to make sure your locks don’t turn yellow or dull. Back in great-grandma times, “blueing” was added to white-haired ladies, sometimes in too high a concentration, which led to them being called “little old, blue-haired ladies.” Nowadays, there are plenty of “purple” shampoos to keep the brassiness out of silver hair. Eye makeup in your 60s is best when it’s soft and muted but not pastel. Same for lip makeup, which can be as simple as a moisturizing, tinted lip gloss.


In your 70s and beyond, some women opt for no makeup, and others go through a second childhood of sorts and choose bold colors. Whatever path you choose, it’s important not to go to extremes. Choosing not to wear makeup might be the easy road, but you’ll look older and definitely washed out. Choosing too much or too boldly colored makeup can make you look like a clown.

For all generations, there are two must-do rituals for your daily routine: Moisturize and protect your skin from sun damage. Whether you do this with two products or a single product that’s dual-purpose, do it before you lay a drop of cosmetic on your face. Just because you get older doesn’t mean you have to become invisible. Find the best beauty hacks that work for you and keep being fierce, no matter your age!