Top 10 Non-Invasive Plastic Surgery Procedures


When you mention plastic surgery, people usually envision facelifts and nose jobs.

But not all plastic surgery is actual surgery. There are non-invasive ways to rejuvenate and “freshen up” your face and body. Here are the top procedures.

1. Skin tightening

Patients looking for a gentle refresher can opt for skin tightening with ultrasound or radio frequency devices. The in-office treatments work to stimulate collagen production in the neck and jawline. New collagen fills in throughout the treatment areas to plump up the skin. There’s no downtime, either.

2. Non surgical body contouring

While liposuction remains the top body sculpting procedure, it’s very invasive and involves a long recovery. Kybella is an FDA-approved, non-invasive method of removing fat in small areas, such as beneath the chin and around the knees. No downtime is needed.

3. PRP for anti-aging

Platelet rich plasma is harvested from the patient’s own blood and is used in different ways to reverse the signs of aging. It’s used as an injection to revitalize hair growth for patients with age-related hair loss and thinning; and applied to the skin after micro-needling procedures to help stimulate collagen production.

4. Face masques and home exfoliating treatments

Face masques and home exfoliating treatments are revolutionizing the non-invasive surgery horizon. Patients can administer these safe, soothing procedures by themselves and incorporate them into their regular skincare routines. By regularly taking care of their skin at home, dermatologist visits and office procedures may involve less “corrective” tactics.

5. Lip Injections

Lip plumping can be achieved with injectable fillers or the patient’s own fat. The lips are numbed with a topical numbing agent and the filler or fat are injected in targeted areas to create a fuller lip. There’s no downtime involved.

6. Clear + Brilliant fractional laser treatment for the face

This laser treatment is ideal for those suffering from large pores, a dull complexion or age spots. A laser wand is moved over your face to target problem areas and may leave some temporary redness, but nothing so serious that you need to hide from society.

7. Chemical Peels

Chemical peels renew the skin by helping to slough off the top layers of skin to reveal “new” skin underneath. They vary in strength and can cause after effects that range from minor (slight redness as if you have a sun-kissed glow) to more severe, including blistering, severe sunburn-type reactions and scabbing and peeling. Patients experiencing more severe after effects will need more downtime than those who don’t.

8. Coolsculpting

Coolsculpting is a branded procedure that targets fat pockets that resist exercise and dietary solutions, including a double chin or a stubborn belly paunch. The procedure uses paddles to suction the skin as a cooling mechanism freezes it. The process works to destroy sub-dermal fat cells. To finish the session, you’ll receive a firm massage over the treated area to help break up the fat, which your body will eliminate naturally.

9. Non-Surgical Nose Job

Nose jobs (a.k.a. rhinoplasties) are usually invasive and a lot of downtime is needed post surgery. But for those who want a quick, nonsurgical options, try injectable fillers. But be warned, this sculpting method will only help to create symmetry or smooth out bumps and hollows. It won’t work if you need your nose size reduced.

10. Botox

Botox is far from being new, but its effectiveness speaks to its popularity. Patients can have a “lunchtime” treatment and return to work immediately. The treatment relaxes facial muscles and helps to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines.

So, do any of these sound good to you? If they do, make sure you do your homework and interview several doctors to see which one you feel most comfortable with. If you have friends or family who’ve had treatments, interview them to see if they’re happy with the results, what side effects they had, and how they liked their doctors.