Woman Buys A Strange Paperweight, Then Opens It And Nearly Faints


Woman Buys A Strange Paperweight, Then Opens It And Nearly Faints | Life360 Tips

What if your life were like a movie, but it ended up being more like a horror movie?

That’s exactly what happened to one New Zealand woman. Jessica Roberts ended up getting a paperweight at a yard sale at the request of her son. Over time, Jessica learned some disturbing secrets about the paperweight that made her think it could be a cursed object. Once she discovered the horrifying truth behind this “paperweight,” she went viral in a quest to no longer be haunted by this frightening object.

But what did the “paperweight” turn out to be? How did this get started, and how did this crazy story end? We’ve got all the details right here!

It started with a walk

While Jessica’s life turned into a horror movie for a while, the story starts innocently enough. She lived in the suburbs and, on one beautiful day, she decided to take her son, Braiden, for a walk.

That was when they discovered a car boot sale (basically, a garage sale of things the person could fit in the car). There were many different games and toys on display, so Jessica was surprised to discover what her child fixated on. And this fixation ended up changing their lives forever!

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A weird paperweight and a child’s love

Braiden had discovered what looked like a heart-shaped paperweight. And he got his mom to buy it with the cutest bit of child logic you’ll ever hear!

Like many young children, Braiden didn’t really have his own money. But he got Jessica to buy the paperweight for a dollar and give it to him. That way, her son could later give the paperweight to her as a special gift from him.

Eventually, Braiden did just that, and the heart-shaped paperweight ended up on Jessica’s desk in her office. However, the truth about this particular heart was almost enough to break Jessica’s heart into pieces.

Making a ‘prime’ discovery

Ever notice how the internet algorithms are always one step ahead of us? Years after Jessica bought the paperweight, she was scrolling on Amazon. All of a sudden, she saw the heart-shaped item pop up on her feed!

They were selling it for $30 and Jessica had only paid $1, but that wasn’t what caught her attention. Instead, she was horrified by the description of the item.

That’s because Amazon confirmed that she hadn’t bought a “paperweight.” She had, in fact, bought an urn meant to store someone’s ashes.

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Turning to the internet for advice

At this point, Jessica made a faithful decision. Amazon had helped her discover she now had somebody’s urn sitting on her desk. Eventually, she decided that if the internet could help get her into this problem, the internet might help her get out of it as well.

She took to social media so she could ask family and friends just what, exactly, she should do. Jessica ended up getting some pretty crazy suggestions, including using it as a lawn ornament. Others encouraged her to open it, but only outside, and only after sprinkling rosemary on it.

The second suggestion spoke to the elephant in the room. The real question facing Jessica was whether to open it or not to open it. Curiosity eventually got the better of her and she decided to peek inside this horrifying little container.

Opening the mysterious paperweight

By now, Jessica only had one real hope regarding the urn. She wanted to open it and discover that it was empty inside. Otherwise, she’d have to face a horrifying truth: she’d been working and browsing the internet for years alongside some stranger’s final remains!

She delicately unscrewed and opened the urn. Unfortunately, it confirmed her worst fears: there was a little bag full of ashes inside.

Jessica tried to make peace with this, displaying the urn in her living room to be a bit more respectful. However, she started to think the most respectful thing would be to return the urn to its original owners. And her quest to do that turned Jessica into an unexpected viral sensation.

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When her quest went viral

Jessica set up a public Facebook account to track down the urn’s owners. The story about her quest went viral all across the internet, and she eventually got some much-needed help from local journalists.

After the press stepped in to help, Jessica got a call about the urn the very next day. It was someone who claimed they were the rightful owner of the urn!

It looked like Jessica’s quest was nearly over, but she was worried about accidentally giving the ashes to some online prankster. Before she could hand over the urn, she had one more burning question: just how the heck did a beloved relative’s ashes end up getting sold out of a random person’s car?

All’s well that ends well

It turns out the man’s claim was real, and the tragedy of his story was equally real. Long before he met his current wife, she was dating another man. When she broke up with that man, he got extremely petty and refused to return her possessions. Worst of all, he sold the urn that held the ashes of her dead father!

Convinced by his tale, Jessica insisted on going with the man to present the urn to his wife. And Jessica was amazed to see the cathartic look that came across the woman’s face. After all these years, that catharsis was only matched by Jessica’s own immense relief!

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