7 Surprising Things That Happen When You Eat Lemons Every Day


They say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But what if you decided to add lemons to your daily diet?

Most of us only eat lemons from time to time, and only in small doses (for example, drinking water with a slice of lemon added for flavor). But if you’re willing to eat an entire lemon every day, you’ll experience some major benefits that ensure you’ll never look at this sour food the same way ever again.

Just what surprising things will happen to your own body when you start eating lemons every day? Keep reading to find out!

Better digestion

Some of the tips on this list only require you to eat some of the lemon (for example, the juicy insides). But if you’re willing to eat the skin of the lemon, you’ll be able to naturally boost your digestion in a big way.

Why is that? Simply put, lemons are a powerful source of fiber, especially the skin. On top of that, these lemons promote healthy gut bacteria. Between this and the citric acid, eating at least one lemon every day can help you have more regular bowel movements. Not exactly the stuff of polite dinner conversations, but who couldn’t use a natural way of improving their digestive system?

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Achieve fresher breath

If you’re like most of us, you often worry about how your breath smells. This is why we end up spending so much money on mint and gums each year. But what if you could save all that money and still have a fresh breath?

Lemons are a great way of making your mouth smell better. It’s all due to the acid inside the lemon juice that helps to eliminate any unwanted odors. Whether you’re worried about that garlic you ate earlier or you just want to smell your best for a big date, it’s time to sink your teeth into a juicy lemon. Speaking of teeth, you may want to consult with your dentist about your plans to eat more lemons so that you don’t eat too many and accidentally hurt the enamel of your teeth with all that citric acid.

Lose weight

Aside from worrying about how our breath smells, another thing that many of us have in common is that we wish we could lose a few pounds. But instead of embracing a dangerous fad diet, losing weight may just be a few lemons away.

One reason for this is that lemons are full of pectin, and consuming it can help you to feel fuller for a longer period of time. And this alone is a great solution for those of us who make a few too many runs for snacks in the middle of the night because we’re feeling peckish.

As an added bonus, lemons are also full of antioxidant-rich polyphenols. In previous studies, lab mice were able to stave off both weight gain and fat accumulation because of the polyphenols. Those same mice also improved their blood sugar and insulin levels, which is further proof of how healthy lemons really are. 

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Lower your blood pressure

High blood pressure is something all of us have to worry about, especially as we get older. Over time, high pressure can lead to stroke, heart attack, or even kidney failure. And while it’s important to consult with your doctor over blood pressure concerns, you should know that eating lemons can help you naturally improve your blood pressure.

According to previous studies, eating as little as half a lemon a day, along with getting in at least 7,000 steps, can help to lower blood pressure. And those extra steps can help you lose weight, too, which is always a nice bonus. 

Get a more youthful appearance

Let’s face it: at a certain point in life, regardless of their age, everyone wishes they could look a bit younger. And in an effort to achieve a more youthful appearance, more people each year are spending money on exotic facial creams, expensive plastic surgery, and everything in between.

And while lemons aren’t exactly the fountain of youth, they provide a natural way of making you look a few years younger. The Vitamin C inside lemons helps keep you from developing as many wrinkles as you would otherwise get while also keeping your skin from drying out very much. While you can get Vitamin C in other ways, keep in mind that one lemon contains half of your daily recommended amount, giving you a tasty way of getting all the vitamins you need.

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Keep kidney stones at bay

Here are the two words that can make almost anyone wince in pain: kidney stones. Despite all of our medical advances over the years, trying to pass a stone remains one of the most painful experiences you may face in this world (it really is that bad).

But if you regularly eat lemons, the citrate inside of them can help keep these stones from forming in the first place. And if you already have kidney stones growing inside your body, this citrate will help to keep the stones from getting any bigger, which makes passing them far less painful than it would have been without the lemons.

Protection from Alzheimer’s and other cognitive issues

Physically, our hard skulls help to protect our soft brains from many different potential threats. However, nobody’s head is hard enough to protect them from creeping cognitive threats such as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

Believe it or not, this is another area where Vitamin C is surprisingly helpful. While you should still definitely see a doctor if you’re worried about cognitive decline, lemons provide enough of this vitamin to help protect you against some of the worst effects of cognitive decline due to age. By eating more lemons today, you can provide yourself and your brain with a better and healthier tomorrow.

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