12 Starbucks Secret Menu Drinks To Order In Winter


Sure, you love the Starbucks menu, including rocking some pumpkin spice goodness all through fall. But what if you could take your Starbucks game to the next level throughout the winter?

Starbucks fans all across the world have created “secret menu” items to tantalize your tastebuds. Here’s the secret: you can’t just order a special secret menu drink. Instead, you start by ordering one of the typical drink offerings and then giving the staff some very special instructions to create a brand new taste.

Don’t worry: it’s easier than it sounds. And our guide will walk you through exactly how to order some tasty winter treats that are good enough even for Santa’s sweet tooth. In fact, you can order one for each of the 12 days of Christmas!

1. Eggnog Fluff Cold Brew


This Eggnog Fluff Cold Brew is an honorary entry on this list. That’s because you can simply order the normal Eggnog Latte from Starbucks over the holidays. But if you want to recreate that taste throughout the year, or just want a slightly different flavor, you’ll enjoy this secret drink.

Just order a Chai Tea Latte and add caramel syrup (this ranges from one pump for Tall, two pumps for Grande, and three pumps for Venti) and then get some cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top. With this drink, it will begin to taste like Christmas no matter what the season!

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2. Gingerbread House Frappuccino


For many families, putting together a gingerbread house is a major holiday tradition. And you can now enjoy that tradition “on the go” with the Gingerbread House Frappuccino.

You begin by ordering the Grande White Mocha Frappuccino. By getting one pump of chai and one pump of hazelnut, you can simulate that awesome gingerbread flavor. And by getting chestnut praline on both the bottom of your cup and on top of your whipped cream, you’ll have a perfect holiday drink. Just add some sprinkles for holiday ambiance!

3. Olaf Frappuccino


Frozen is a perfect movie for the holidays, thanks especially to the adorable animated snowman Olaf. And if you like this movie and can’t simply “let it go,” then you’ll love this Olaf-inspired secret drink.

It all begins when you order the Vanilla Bean Frappuccino. Next, get some white mocha drizzle around the cup for both presentation and flavor (one or two pumps… it’s up to you how sweet you want this snowman to be). To make it really look like Olaf, ask for whipped cream and chocolate curls.

The real finishing touch, though, is to also order a Snowman Cake Pop and then place it into your drink. Just don’t let little kids see you devour Olaf in frappuccino form!

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4. Nutcracker Frappuccino


The Nutcracker is a major element of every holiday season (even if you just like to kick back and listen to the iconic music). And you might just feel the need to dance to the music after you taste this Nutcracker Frappuccino.

Your first move is to order a Grande Strawberry Frappuccino, but you need to swap the classic syrup with toffee nut syrup. Ask for whipped cream on both the top and the bottom and then finalize the presentation with some chocolate curls and that tasty red holiday topping.

5. Raspberry Cheesecake Frappuccino


The holidays are a perfect time to tuck into decadent treats like cheesecake. And thanks to this next secret drink, you don’t even need to sit down with your family to experience the sweet taste of raspberry cheesecake.

Begin by ordering the Grande White Mocha Frappuccino and getting one pump of hazelnut and one pump of (what else?) raspberry. Next, ask for caramel crunch on both the top and bottom of your cup. Finally, get that yummy whipped cream and a bit of strawberry puree to enter into a state of pure cheesecake bliss.

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6. Andes Mint Cold Brew


Let’s be honest: Christmas is a time for giving and receiving tasty candy, and Andes Mints are at the top of the list. But what if you could taste this awesome flavor in drink form along with a healthy dose of caffeine?

Start by asking for a Venti cold brew and then get three pumps of mocha and three pumps of white mocha. Get cold foam on the top and then ask for a couple of peppermint pumps in the blender. Top it off with some chocolate curls and start indulging in your sweet tooth!

7. Candy Cane Frappuccino


Sure, things like cheesecake and chocolate mints are tasty, but nothing screams “Christmas” like the taste of a candy cane. And you better believe it’s possible to get this killer flavor from Starbucks this holiday season!

The first step is to order a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino with added peppermint (but no mocha). You’ll need peppermint: one pump for Tall, one and a half pumps for Grande, and two pumps for Venti. Just add whipped cream and sprinkles and you’ll be tasting the magic of Christmas.

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8. Holiday Spice Cold Brew


It’s a bit ironic that even as the days get colder, we crave spice… holiday spice, to be specific. And this Holiday Spice Cold Brew drink will help you get through those cold days and colder nights in style.

Kick things off by ordering a Venti Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew. Next, we need to add special ingredients to the cold foam: cinnamon powder, nutmeg powder, and a raw sugar packet. After the drink is prepared, add those same ingredients to the top for a flavor that will make Rudolph’s nose redder than ever!

9. Ferrero Rocher Frappuccino


In the candy aisle, Ferrero Rocher always seemed to be sugary royalty. Giving this candy as a gift is a way to really treat the people you love. And now, this Ferrero Rocher Frappuccino will help you treat yourself every time you go to Starbucks.

The beginning of this magnificent drink is the Grande Java Chip Frappuccino. You’ll need to ask your friendly neighborhood barista for one pump of hazelnut syrup and one pump of toffee nut syrup. Now, all you need is a caramel drizzle for your own taste of candy royalty.

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10. Santa Claus Frappuccino


Somewhere along the way, Santa Claus became the ultimate symbol of Christmas. And if you’re taking a tour of Starbucks’ secret menu delights, you can’t ignore this special drink modeled directly off of the big man himself.

It starts simply enough with a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino. Then comes the special requests: ask your barista to cover both the bottom of the cup and the middle of the drink with strawberry puree. Next, all you need is whipped cream and some red sprinkles to get this holiday party started!

At the end of the day, this special frappuccino is both simple and magical. And in our opinion, that’s also the perfect description of Santa Claus himself!

11. Buddy the Elf Frappuccino


Now, you can have your very own Buddy the Elf Frappucino to sip while you watch Will Ferrell’s family Christmas classic film Elf!

Simply order a Green Tea Frappuccino, but ask for peppermint syrup instead of the regular syrup. Add whipped cream and red-and-white Christmas sprinkles. No sprinkles available? Ask for a light dusting of matcha powder instead, so you can celebrate your favorite film year-round.

12. The Ultimate Christmas Drink


What better way to end your 12 Days of Christmas tour of Starbucks Secret Menu than with The Ultimate Christmas Drink?

To get this green-and-red masterpiece, start by ordering a Venti Passion Tango Tea. But you’ll want to customize it by filling 1/4 of the cup with strawberry puree. Add two pumps of raspberry syrup and two pumps of liquid cane sugar. Top with cold foam made from your choice of milk and finish with two scoops of matcha powder. Now you’re ready to deck the halls!