8 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Drink Water Every Day


“Drink more water” feels like one of those health commands we are constantly given. And despite the fact that we drink water every day, the whole thing feels like a mystery. Like, why is drinking more water so important?

As it turns out, plenty of great things happen to your body when you drink water every day. Here are the eight biggest benefits of drinking water.

Drinking water refreshes your body

We’re going to start with something you’re probably familiar with. Whenever you’re thirsty and get a drink of water, your body feels immediately refreshed.

Biologically, your various cells and organs are really crying out for water throughout the day. Your body tells your brain to start feeling thirsty, and you’ll make that brain happy as soon as you start sipping.

That’s the beauty of the whole thing. You feel that refreshing relief instead of having to rely on it to kick in.

Drinking water provides more energy

Whether it’s first thing in the morning or during the afternoon slump, there are times when you just need more energy. Instead of reaching for a coffee, trying reaching for a fresh glass of water.

Why water? Because some of your weariness and grogginess may actually be a symptom of dehydration. At that point, your body needs water way more than it needs caffeine.

Water will provide the energy you need without the annoying “crash” of caffeine. Plus, you get all these other benefits on top of getting the energy boost you crave.

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Drinking water reduces your hunger

As advanced as our brains are, there are times that your mind will send out confusing and mixed signals. For example, it’s very common for your brain to conflate feeling thirsty and feeling hungry.

By reaching for a water instead of a snack, you can keep those extra pounds off. On top of that, drinking water before a meal can naturally suppress your appetite, helping you to feel fuller that much quicker.

In this way, drinking more water can help you stretch your food budget even as it helps you ease back into a smaller pair of jeans.

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Drinking water increases your metabolism

Sure, water can replace some of your snacking and hold back your appetite. But in order to really reduce your waistline, you need to find ways to increase your metabolism.

Fortunately, water can do just that. So long as you get at least 17 ounces of water a day, you can boost your metabolism by as much as 30%.

It can be difficult to increase your water intake at first. However, it takes almost no time at all for your body and mind to reap the benefits of more water.

Drinking water helps you work out

Take a close look around next time you go to the gym. What do you see everywhere you look? People drinking water.

While a good workout is dehydrating, that’s not the only reason everyone is rocking a water bottle. Basically, the water you drink helps transform carbs into energy and provide your aching muscles with the amino acids they need.

By chugging water, you can get the most out of each workout. And you don’t need to worry about getting dehydrated as you get in shape.

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Drinking water improves your skin

Great skin is one of those things everyone wants. However, in a world brimming with moisturizers and facial washes, it’s tough to find the best way to give your skin a smooth, healthy shine.

However, you guessed it: water can do most of the heavy lifting for you. Water helps moisturize your skin, protecting you from wrinkles and giving your face a radiant look. If that’s not enough, water can also help fight off annoying facial blemishes as well.

Drinking water focuses your brain

Ever been completely unable to focus on what you were doing? It might have less to do with your empty energy levels and more to do with your empty cup!

Dehydration can negative impact your cognitive abilities. When your brain isn’t getting as much water as it needs, it is unable to work at 100% capacity.

By drinking water while you work, you can keep your brain completely focused on the task at hand. And unlike coffee, water helps provide the energy you need without hurting your ability to focus.

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Drinking water makes you happier

What does every single person in the world want more of? If we’re being honest, the answer is “happiness.” And countless people throw themselves into jobs, relationships, and hobbies in an attempt to achieve more inner happiness.

But it turns out happiness might have been hiding in your water bottle all along. If you are dehydrated by even a small margin, it can be enough to make you moody and irritable. Getting some much-needed water will clear up your mood and make you happier.

And once you experience the improved skin, increased energy, better focus, and higher metabolism that water has to offer, you’re going to be even happier.