Most Unexpected Effects of Drinking Coffee


Most of us rely on coffee so much that the term “coffee junkies” doesn’t even begin to describe it. Despite this, however, the average coffee fanatic doesn’t really know all that much about the beverage.

For example, what do you think coffee does to you? Most people respond “it keeps me awake,” but the truth is that coffee has many more effects. How many effects are we talking about, and just how weird is this going to get? Keep reading to find out!

Coffee can fight arthritis

Arthritis is a scary health condition that can reduce your quality of life in a major way. Because of this, many are willing to invest in expensive doctors and medicines in order to reduce the risk of getting this scary diagnosis.

Would you believe, however, that a regular cup of coffee is already helping you in the fight against arthritis? Repeated research has demonstrated that those who drink more coffee are less likely to develop certain types of arthritis. It’s still important to consult with your doctor, but increasing your coffee intake is an easy (and tasty) way of reducing your risks of getting arthritis.

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You get most of your antioxidants from coffee

Many products claim they have antioxidants, but the average person doesn’t really understand the importance. Just why do you need more antioxidants in your body? Simple: they help to fight free radicals, meaning they reduce the risk of everything from heart disease to various cancers.

Long story not so short? Most people need more antioxidants in order to lead longer, healthier lives. And you guessed it: coffee is such a great source of antioxidants that most Westerners get nearly 80% of theirs from coffee. That means the more cups you brew, the more antioxidants you’ll get each day!

That daily cup of coffee can fight depression

Depression is one of the sneakier things that can happen to you over the years. It has no external signs, so most people never realize when they get it. And even once someone knows they are suffering from depression, it can take years of therapy in order to properly recover.

We’d never discourage you from seeking professional help if you are worried you have depression. However, you need to know that there are studies concluding that both caffeine in general and coffee in particular can reduce the risks of developing depression in the first place. Every time you brew a cup, you’re actually safeguarding your mental health!

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Coffee can make you a better athlete

Athletic performance is very important for people all around the world. Some of them are professionally involved in sports and others just like to play for fun on the weekend. No matter the athlete, a top priority is improving performance whenever possible.

It turns out that coffee is capable of doing just that! One study found that coffee can improve reaction times and visual-spatial reasoning, and another found that it can boost performance by an average of 1.7%. That may not sound like a huge boost, but when you’re up against someone of a similar skill level, this may give you a much-needed edge!

A steaming mug can help you burn more fat

While a handful of people really enjoy the occasional “runner’s high,” most of us exercise to either lose weight or maintain our current fitness level. The world is full of specialty products to help you make the most out of your exercise, but what if all you needed was a warm cup of coffee?

Increased coffee intake can help you burn more fat during exercise by boosting your metabolism. If you drink four cups of coffee, for example, you could boost your metabolism by as much as eleven percent. Try adding some coffee to your next pre-workout protein shake and marvel at how it helps you burn more fat!

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Coffee can help you lose weight

There are a few things that everyone can agree on. However, if you ask the average person what their biggest goals are, almost everyone will mention they need to lose weight. Fortunately, everyone will have an easier time with this goal once they start drinking more coffee.

That’s because coffee is a diuretic. Before you do a Google search, “diuretic” is a fancy way of saying that it will make you have to pee more often. Doing so can fight the effects of water retention; not only will this make you feel less bloated, but it will also help you shed pounds more easily. 

Coffee can reduce arthritis among men

Men have reason to rejoice as recent research suggests that consuming more coffee may decrease the risk of developing a specific type of inflammatory arthritis.

A 12-year study involving 45,869 male participants yielded these encouraging results.

Nevertheless, it’s important to acknowledge that individual health conditions can vary, and the impact of coffee on health may vary from one person to another.

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