What Happens If You Eat Hummus Every Day?


There are few things tastier than hummus. That’s because it pairs well with so many different types of food. Everything from carrots to peppers to pitas tastes better with a little bit of hummus.

That was enough to get us thinking…what happens if you eat hummus every day? Would this be too much of a good thing, or could this food be as good for our bodies as it is for our tastebuds?

We decided to find out. Keep reading to discover what happens to your body if you eat hummus every day!

Is hummus safe to eat every day?

Below, we’ve got a breakdown of the different effects you can expect a daily hummus diet to have on your body. First, though, we need to address the tasty elephant in the room. Is it actually safe to eat hummus every day?

In moderation, the answer to this question is usually “yes.” Obviously, there are some people who have special allergies who need to hold off on the hummus, and those worried about their sodium intake shouldn’t snack on this every day. As long as those don’t apply to you and you don’t eat expired hummus (which could possibly lead to salmonella), then it’s safe to enjoy hummus each day.

Now, without further ado, let’s explore what will happen to your body when you do so.

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Stabilized blood sugar levels

It’s important for all of us to monitor our blood sugar levels, especially as we get older. The general goal is to keep these levels as stable as possible. And would you believe that hummus is a great way to achieve that particular goal?

It all comes down to the fact that hummus has plenty of protein and fiber in it. This powerful combination helps regulate blood pressure. Hummus also simulates certain gut fibers that help your body secrete insulin. Put it all together and you have a natural solution for a stabler blood pressure!

Better digestion made easy

It’s not polite to talk about with your friends, but one thing that countless people have in common is digestive problems. Such issues can ruin any big event and making something as simple as sleeping into pure misery. And of all those who suffer from digestive problems, far too many think the only solution to their problem is over-the-counter medication.

Natural solutions are available, and almost anything with fiber in it can help. Fortunately for you, hummus is a great natural source of much of the fiber your body is craving. As little as two to four tablespoons of hummus a day can make your digestive problems a thing of the past.

In addition to serving as a great source of fiber, hummus also improves your digestion by feeding the good gut bacteria inside your body. We bet you’ll be surprised at just how quickly hummus starts to improve your own digestion!

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The tasty key to weight loss

Digestive problems aren’t the only thing that most of us have in common. For example, most of the people you speak to will (if they are being honest) admit that they’d like to lose a few pounds. While exercise plays a big role in shedding pounds, you will also need to change up your diet to maximize weight loss.

Hummus works well for those looking to lose weight because it is a great source of protein and fiber. These are the kinds of foods that leave you feeling fuller for longer. The end result is that you snack less throughout the day, making weight loss that much easier!

Improved heart health

As we get older, our heart health only becomes more important. And you’re never too young to explore safe, natural ways of bolstering your own heart health.

The reason for this is that the chickpeas in hummus are full of heart-healthy polyunsaturated fats while being low in saturated fat content. Those help to lower the levels of bad cholesterol inside your body as well as overall cholesterol. This is another combination of great health benefits hummus has to offer, one that may offer protection against any number of heart-related issues.

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Enjoying hummus in moderation

Everything you’ve just read can be considered the “good news.” There is one bit of bad news when it comes to hummus, but it’s the same news that applies to pretty much anything you enjoy eating.

Hummus is relatively high in sodium content, and it also has its mild share of calories. If you’re eating too much of it every day, hummus might cause you certain health problems (including weight loss) even as it helps with others. The key, as always, is to enjoy your favorite snacks in moderation. Also, if you swap the pitas for carrots, you can make every bite of hummus that much tastier.