8 Kitchen Hacks to Save You Time and Space


Your kitchen has a lot more storage space available than you’re currently using. In fact, we’re willing to bet there’s some space you haven’t even considered since there doesn’t seem to be any way to use it.

Free up your counter space and save time and money with these eight brilliant kitchen hacks. If you’re looking for tips to keep your kitchen clean and organized, these will do the trick.

Use your walls as storage space | 8 Kitchen Hacks to Save You Time | Life360 Tips

1. Use your walls as storage space

Hanging your pots and pans from hooks attached to the wall looks great, saves space, and makes them easy to get to.

By the same logic, why not attach a magnetic strip on the wall for your knife set instead of taking up counter space with a knife block? It will look beautiful and professional, too.

2. Hang spray bottles from a tension rod

Spray bottles take up a lot of space under the sink, but it’s not like you can do without them. So, why not install a tension rod under the sink to hang the bottles from? You also can hang spray bottles from a towel rack attached to the inside of the door under the sink. This frees up space underneath them for cleaning rags, sponges, and that box of scouring pads.

You can do the same with your bathroom cleaning supplies and use up all that extra room below the sink without having to stack things. It’s such a simple kitchen storage hack that it needs to become standard.

3. Make a magnetic spice rack

Make a magnetic spice rack | 8 Kitchen Hacks to Save You Time | Life360 Tips

This kitchen organization hack will have you admiring all the cabinet space you’ve freed up. If you want to be able to find your spice jars, store them in magnetic tin storage containers and stick them to the side of your refrigerator.

You can get them at any large kitchen or housewares store. Label the bottoms with the contents (since they’ll be sticking to the fridge by their lids). It will also look very decorative and be extremely handy!

4. Store food in plastic desk organizers

One of the easiest and cheapest of all the kitchen organization tips is using plastic desk organizers to store food in the refrigerator. You can buy them at the dollar store and stack them, so you can organize your food and see what you have at a glance.

You have some shelves in your fridge, why not add some more for yourself? Either get clear ones to blend in, or color coordinate and organize your food for easier access.

5. Pick up broken glass with a piece of bread

Pick up broken glass with a piece of bread | 8 Kitchen Hacks to Save You Time | Life360 Tips

One of the scariest things that can happen in the kitchen is breaking a glass. The tiny shards go everywhere and you can’t see them or feel them until it’s too late. Even sweeping can miss a few on a rough surface.

Try this kitchen safety tip: once you’ve picked up the pieces you can see, and swept the area, take a piece of soft bread and dab it on the area like a sponge; even the tiniest piece will stick in the bread. Problem solved!

6. Make sponge holders out of alligator clips

When you’re done cleaning the counters, it’s tempting to just leave the sponge at the side of the sink. But if you do that, sponges are prone to grow mildew. There’s nothing worse than a mildew-covered sponge. This kitchen cleaning hack will prevent mildew-spreading and the resulting illness.

Take an alligator clip (the black binder clips for office papers) and use it to stand your sponge upright. It will dry more thoroughly that way and keep your sink area neat too. Give this kitchen cleaning tip a try!

7. Use the space next to the fridge

Use the space next to the fridge | 8 Kitchen Hacks to Save You Time | Life360 Tips

Every house has one: a space between the refrigerator and the wall that is no more than six inches wide. If you’re not storing brooms and mops there, why not invest in a rolling cart? They come in extremely narrow sizes that you can use to organize dry foods and snacks that don’t need refrigeration.

Remember, the best tip for organizing kitchens is to use all the space, even the space above spaces! Which brings us to…

8. Hang floating mason jars from your shelves

The one space to fill we haven’t discussed yet is that gap underneath your kitchen shelves and cabinets. There’s a way to store items there, too, and it’s ingenious.

Simply attach mason jar lids to the underside of your cabinet or shelf. Since they’re all the same size you can put whatever you need in the jars: pasta, beans, rice, coffee, you name it. Just unscrew the jar from its place and you’re ready to go!

This trick started in garages for nails, screws and other small items, but why not use it in the kitchen, too?