9 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Eat Mangoes Every Day


When you think of superfoods you probably think of the more popular ones like açaí berries or blueberries. But it turns out that one of the best things you can eat is the mango. Mangoes are sweet and add brightness to your menu, along with fiber and a host of vitamins, and mango calories are low compared to other stone fruits.

It doesn’t matter how to eat a mango: whether raw or dried or in a blended smoothie, mangoes have a lot going for them. What are the benefits of adding a little mango in your daily routine? Here are nine things that happen to your body when you add mangoes to your diet.

You may reduce your cancer risk

A lot of foods make claims to be cancer-fighting, but mangoes can actually back up that claim. In tests against breast or colon cancers, mangoes repressed growth of cancer cells and prevented new ones from appearing. Mangoes also have been seen to affect other cancer types such as leukemia. Not only that, but mangoes are anti-inflammatory, so they can alleviate other diseases like arthritis.

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Your cholesterol levels may improve

One benefit of mangoes is that they are loaded with vitamin C, fiber, and potassium. Also, they are comprised of a lot of water. These four elements are vital to preventing dehydration, which can cause your cholesterol to rise. If you’re not drinking enough water to begin with, you might want to add mangoes to your diet to make up the difference.

Your body might become less acidic

It’s been reported that cancer cells prefer an acidic environment. The opposite of that is an alkalized environment, and mangoes do a lot to make that happen. Even though mangoes break down into some acids as you digest them, the acids turn alkaline as they’re processed. Mangoes go a long way toward helping maintain the pH balance in your body.

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Your digestion may improve

Remember we said mangoes have a lot of fiber? The kind of fiber mangoes have is called prebiotic, which helps keep your gut flora healthy and running smoothly. The fiber is not digestible in itself, and many studies suggest that mangoes can be good if you’re dieting, since a little can fill you up fast. If you have a problem with regular bowel movements, mangoes can help get you back on track.

Your sex life may improve

Mangoes have been known as a natural aphrodisiac for a long time. Mangoes have a high level of vitamin E, which increases the male sex drive. Women, too, can get a boost from mangoes, as it helps female sex hormones as well. A secondary benefit of vitamin E is that it makes your skin healthy, so there is no downside to eating mangoes regularly.

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You may be less susceptible to heat stroke

If you live in one of the warmer environments in the world, mangoes can be your new best friend. Mangoes have high water content and potassium, and that helps regulate your body’s internal thermostat. Not only can it help prevent a heat stroke, it can also help treat one if you feel like one is coming on. Just a little mango can go a long way to helping your body withstand heat-related illnesses.

Your immunity may improve

Mangoes are fat-free, cholesterol-free, and sodium-free. Not only do mangoes have high concentrations of vitamins C and E, but they also contain over 20 other antioxidant compounds. These help prevent cell damage and get rid of free radicals that can bring on illness. One cup of mango chunks can give you all the protection you need to face the day.

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Your memory and concentration may increase

Mangoes also have high levels of glutamic acid, which is an amino acid. This important compound turns into glutamate as you digest it, which is the chemical necessary for the brain to send and receive messages between brain cells. This boosts memory function and lets the brain communicate faster and more efficiently. Having some mango in the morning can help you concentrate through the day.

You may lower your risk of anemia

Finally, mangoes contain a lot of iron. Your body needs iron to keep your blood healthy; a lack of iron is what causes anemia. This is especially common in women, especially during pregnancy. Mangoes are a good, safe way to keep your iron levels up without taking an iron supplement. Mangoes give a lot of value in such a little package. Adding it to your diet every day can bring you benefits you didn’t know you needed.

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