9 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Eat Superfood Powder Every Day


Superfood powder is just what it says: it’s a powdery form of highly nutritious ingredients such as spinach, kale, and spirulina combined with probiotics and prebiotics. It’s a great way to get those three cups of vegetables into your diet that adults are recommended to eat each day. 

Depending on which superfood powder you get (and there are many different formulations), you can get a wide range of vitamin and mineral boosts. But what are the actual advantages of using a superfood powder regularly? There are nine great reasons why you might want to add superfood powder to your routine every day.

Superfood powder boosts your immune system

No matter the brand of superfood powder you get, there will be a hefty dose of vitamin C involved. Whether you get it from vegetables like broccoli or from a supplement, the one thing vitamin C is known for is its ability to boost your immune system. Drinking a mix of superfood powder every day can keep your immune system in top shape. This can help fight off colds and viruses, which is very important in this day and age.

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Superfood powder can help lower blood pressure

If you have elevated blood pressure, you are at risk of having a stroke or other ailments. One of the ways you can lower blood pressure is by taking nitrates, which relax the blood vessels. Superfood powder that has beetroot in its composition can help. When it breaks down in your body as you digest it, beetroot releases its nitrates as nitric oxide. That’s not to say you can take beetroot instead of blood pressure medication. But if you are worried about your blood pressure, superfood powder can be a powerful addition to your regimen.

Superfood powder can improve your workouts

One of the main components of most superfood powders is spirulina, which is about as super as a superfood can get. Made of cyanobacteria, it’s very high in nutrients. Studies have shown that spiralina lowers bad cholesterol levels and boosts energy. Spirulina is a powerful ally for your daily workout. Because of the energy boost, it can make your fitness routine easier and faster and therefore more effective. If you need that little extra surge to power through your workout, spirulina is the way to go.

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Superfood powder can reduce inflammation

If you have arthritis or other inflammatory conditions, you probably already know that green leafy vegetables are recommended to help reduce your symptoms. Not everyone can eat large servings of kale or spinach. But you can get that benefit with a spoonful of superfood powder in a blended drink. Since chronic inflammation is linked with a higher cancer risk, superfood powder can help reduce that risk as a side benefit. Every little bit helps!

Superfood powder can help you manage stress

Some of the other ingredients in a superfood powder are elements called adaptogens, and they are exactly what they sound like: they help your cells adapt to stressful environments. So, if you are in a high pressure job or undergoing some serious personal pressure at home, adding an adaptogen to your diet would be a great benefit. Lower stress levels also lower your risk for heart attack, anxiety, and other conditions.

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Superfood powder can help improve your skin

Another of the many superfoods included in superfood powder is goji berry, which has a high concentration of vitamin A. This vitamin is very important to keep your skin soft and hydrated. Combined with the high levels of other vitamins like C and D, superfood powder can be your one stop shop for healthy skin. 

Superfood powder can provide powerful antioxidants

You probably hear a lot about free radicals and how bad they are for you. Free radicals are created when your body tries to convert certain substances for the body to use. Smoking, eating fried food, and elevated stress levels are all examples of free radical producing behaviors. Fortunately the way to treat this is with antioxidants. These are abundant in fruits, nuts, and all kinds of leafy green vegetables. Since the majority of superfood powder consists of leafy green vegetables, it’s a great antioxidant provider. Superfood powder can help reduce the damage caused by free radicals and oxidation.

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Superfood powder can boost your energy levels

One of the most important elements of your diet is iron. Iron is a basic element but it’s so vital to your circulatory system. Lack of iron makes you anemic, which increases fatigue and can lead to other, more dangerous problems. Spinach in particular is very high in iron, and since spinach is a main ingredient in most versions of superfood powder, you can help protect your blood iron levels and fight off chronic fatigue that’s due to anemia. 

Superfood powder can help keep you regular

Besides vegetable, vitamin and mineral components, two major things that superfood powder incorporates is probiotics and prebiotics. Probiotics are living yeasts and “good” bacteria that help keep your gut flora healthy. This can help with constipation as well as upper digestive tract problems like acid reflux and heartburn. Prebiotics are fungi and bacteria that the gut flora feasts on. Combining the two can have a great effect on your intestinal tract and keep your stomach happy and healthy.

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