Best Keto-Friendly Breakfast Ideas


The keto diet trend continues to sweep the nation. And it’s tough to beat this diet when it comes to quick ways of losing weight.

What is the keto diet? It’s a low-carb diet that triggers ketosis, a metabolic process where your body burns stored fat for energy instead of carbohydrates.

Best Keto-Friendly Breakfast Ideas | Life360 Tips

Because of this, the keto diet can lead to weight loss as well as reduced blood sugar and insulin levels. It can be the right diet and lifestyle choice for many who want to get healthy.

However, it is difficult finding good keto meal ideas, especially for breakfast. The good news is that we’re here to change that.

Below are our favorite keto breakfast ideas. With this list, you’ll be able to start each day off with a healthy low-carb bite!

Taco Breakfast Skillet

Taco Skillet Breakfast | Best Keto-Friendly Breakfast Ideas | Life360 Tips

A good, hearty breakfast is a solid way to stave off hunger throughout the day. But it can be difficult to find a keto breakfast recipe that is yummy and filling at the same time.

The taco breakfast skillet is an exception to this particular rule. This deconstructed dish takes everything that is delicious about nachos and simply removes the chips. And the final result is a dish you’ll be happy to eat time and time again.

In fact, while this is a great keto breakfast, we’d also nominate it as a great lunch option when you want to pack a lot of flavor on the go.

Cabbage Hash Browns

Hashbrowns are another definitive breakfast item for millions of people. Served from the skillet or served alongside a McMuffin, this tasty dish is one of the best breakfast meals you can wake up to.

Of course, the potato of traditional hash browns is a big “no no” in the world of keto. Keto vegetables are low in carbs. So, root vegetables like potatoes need to be avoided. Leafy vegetables like lettuce, spinach, and cabbage make great keto-friendly vegetable options. That’s why we love these cabbage hash browns so much.

While cabbage is the main component, you would never know it: the final result both looks and feels like the real deal. And once you serve this up alongside some eggs and bacon, you’ll have a breakfast plate that simply tastes too good to be “diet.”

Keto Cereal

Keto Cereal | Best Keto-Friendly Breakfast Ideas | Life360 Tips

For many of us, cereal is a true staple breakfast item. Unfortunately, most cereals are not keto friendly at all. Instead of giving up on one of your favorite foods, you can start whipping up your own batches of keto cereal.

This is a great item for chefs of every skill level. Even those who are in danger of burning water should have no problem heating up this tasty dose of granola.

Your final result is something that tastes great for breakfast. But it can also be an addition to yummy dishes such as Keto ice cream or serve as an awesome Keto snacks option.

Pulled Pork Hash

Most of us didn’t like healthy food growing up because it had that healthy food taste. Let’s be honest: in a choice between barbecue and vegetables, there simply was no choice.

Being a grown-up is all about compromise. And that’s what this keto pulled pork hash recipe does: it finds the perfect balance between flavor and health.

You get a ton of bold breakfast flavor from all the pork and eggs. However, it also has surprisingly tasty additions of sprouts, turnip, and kale. This is a way of eating really healthy and still feeling like you’re getting away with something.

Keto Breakfast Pizza

Keto Breakfast Pizza | Best Keto-Friendly Breakfast Ideas | Life360 Tips

You don’t have to be a hungover college student to enjoy pizza for breakfast. Sadly, delivery pizza and frozen pizza doesn’t mesh with the keto lifestyle.

The good news is that you can make your own keto breakfast pizza quite easily. You end up with a blend of surprising flavors (including salmon, eggs, and avocado) on top of some tasty cauliflower bread.

Enjoy this with your morning coffee and don’t be surprised when you start craving the taste again later in the day. Like the very best pizza, this recipe will keep you coming back again and again.

Collagen Keto Bread and Jam

Want to hear an open secret among everyone on the keto diet? Here it is: we miss bread. In fact, we miss bread quite a bit, especially around breakfast time.

That’s one of the reasons we enjoy this collagen keto bread recipe so much. It’s yummy enough to eat all by itself (especially if you add some keto-friendly butter and jam). However, it’s also a low-carb way of bringing bread back into various breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes.

If you think the worst thing about the keto diet is the lack of bread, you’ll dig this recipe most of all.

Sausage Breakfast Sandwich

Sausage Breakfast Sandwich | Best Keto-Friendly Breakfast Ideas | Life360 Tips

Sausage is a food many of us associate with breakfast. And the sausage sandwich is a special treat: whether you’re eating mama’s recipe or grabbing road trip fast food, a sausage sandwich is warm and filling.

The traditional sausage breakfast recipes are killers when it comes to carbs. That’s where this awesome keto sausage breakfast sandwich recipe comes in.

In about 15 minutes, you end up with tasty sandwiches that don’t skimp on flavor. And by turning the sausage or eggs into the “bread” of the sandwich, you end up doubling up on the best part of the whole meal.

Cinnamon Sugar Donuts With Almond Flour

We know what you’re thinking. Donuts for breakfast — have we lost our minds? Traditional donuts aren’t just outside of the keto diet. They are also huge calorie sponges and among the least healthy things you can consume.

This recipe for cinnamon sugar donuts changes all of that. Between the almond flour and cinnamon sugar, you get the sweet flavor you are seeing without the excessive calories. Substituting almond flour instead of wheat flour keeps these donuts low in carbs. The resulting keto donuts have a texture reminiscent of cake donuts.

In fact, the only problem with these keto donuts is that they are so good, you may want to keep them all for yourself!