‘Venus Holes’ On Your Back… What Do They Mean, And Are They Dangerous?


When you get right down to it, all of us spend a fair amount of time trying to figure out what our bodies are telling us. A new red spot could be nothing more than a pimple, for instance, but it could also be evidence of a dangerous insect bite.

And one body development that always has people scratching their heads is the appearance of “Venus holes” on their backs. Some think these odd little dimples are a sign of a serious health condition. Meanwhile, others think the holes may be a sign that they are in great health.

Who is right about these Venus holes, and what’s the truth behind them? Keep reading as we get to the bottom of one of the most pressing medical mysteries in human history!

What are Venus holes?

The term “Venus holes” refers to dimples located on your lower back. They might appear on either side of your spine or directly above your pelvic bone.

As you might imagine, most people discover they have Venus holes by posing in front of a mirror. Some people are delighted with these dimples, and others get nervous that something unexplained is happening with their bodies.

The good news is that there are some very simple explanations behind Venus holes. Our guide is going to cover what those explanations are. We’re also going to do a deep dive into the myths associated with these dimples in order to discover the truth.

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Why are they called Venus holes?

One reason that people get so alarmed by the appearance of Venus holes on their bodies is, of course, the fact that it has “Venus” right there in the name. When we hear Venus, we think about the planet sharing a solar system with us. And it’s easy to imagine this term is referring to someone having planet-sized holes in their back, which would certainly be scary.

Fortunately, the truth is a bit more down to Earth (so to speak). Instead of being named after the planet, they are named after Venus the Roman goddess of beauty. If you have Venus dimples yourself, you may take some comfort from the fact that they are named after a beautiful goddess!

Myths about these mysterious holes

The good news is that the medical community has had plenty of time to study Venus holes and get to the truth behind them. The bad news is that the average person has no idea what this medical consensus is, and that has led to some pretty weird myths concerning the dimples.

For example, the most basic myths about Venus holes say that they are a sign someone is leading a healthy life and hasn’t put on too much extra weight. And since these holes are related to pelvic circulation (more on this in a minute), some think that these holes on a pregnant woman may be a sign of everything from her ability to bear the child’s weight to how good the sex was when she conceived! 

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The truth behind the myths

As you might expect, the truth behind Venus holes is far more straightforward than the various myths would have you believe. These dimples appear on the body due to ligaments that help connect your pelvis to your skin. Because of this, doctors consider them nothing more than a relatively common cosmetic feature.

Other doctors think that another factor behind these holes is your distribution of body fat. In short, those who have a lower percentage of body fat will be more likely to have very visible Venus holes for the simple reason that it’s easier to see them with less fat blocking the view.

Bottom line: do Venus holes mean I’m in poor health?

Venus holes are not a sign that you are in poor health. Strictly speaking, they are not an indicator of good health, either. As we noted before, this is a cosmetic condition that is shared by millions of people around the world.

Obviously, it’s important to consult with your doctor when something new pops up on your body and you’re concerned about it. But we’re willing to bet he’ll tell you the same thing: that these holes are, at most, a sign of beauty and nothing more.

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Why Venus holes are often considered a sign of great beauty

Considering that Venus holes were named after the Roman goddess of beauty, it’s not surprising that these dimples may be considered a sign of beauty. After all, the average person thinks dimples can make a cute face that much cuter. Are we really surprised some people think it makes their backs more beautiful?

Additionally, since these holes are likelier to appear on people with a lower percentage of body fat, you might consider these dimples nature’s way of complimenting you for keeping slim. As for us, we’ll be here to remind you that we think you’re beautiful just the way you are!