8 Signs You May Have Brain Cancer


Brain cancer is one of the scariest things that could ever happen to you. And it’s likelier than you might think. For example, Cancer.net reports that brain cancer and other nervous system cancer is the 10th leading cause of death for both men and women.

But the earlier you can detect brain cancer, the better your odds of fighting it are. And being able to detect brain cancer early means you must know what warning signs to look for.

What are those warning signs, though? Keep reading to discover the warning signs of brain cancer. A few of these are sure to surprise you!

Vision loss

You’re probably not thinking about your vision when you think about brain cancer. However, the location of the brain tumor can greatly affect what the warning signs are.

For example, it’s possible that the brain tumor is located close to your optic nerve. If that happens, and if the tumor is large enough, it can cause issues such as double vision, floating shapes in your vision, and other abnormal vision issues. Basically, if you have vision problems and there is no other explanation, a brain tumor may be the issue.

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Intensifying headaches

Everyone suffers headaches from time to time. But if your headaches are getting worse and becoming very intense, it may be due to a brain tumor.

This is because the tumor may be putting pressure on different nerves and blood vessels within your body. Between this and the tumor potentially constricting fluid flow in your brain, you may experience intense pain and more frequent headaches. The pain may get worse when you exercise or otherwise change position.

Memory problems

Have you been experiencing problems with your memory lately? Believe it or not, brain cancer may be to blame!

When a tumor is located in the frontal lobes or temporal lobes of your brain, it can affect the parts of your brain that control memory. This may manifest as temporary confusion, concentration issues, and difficulty processing information. In some cases, these symptoms may be confused for something else, such as dementia.

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Some of the warning signs of brain cancer are a bit more obvious than others. And one of the biggest warning signs of all is that you suffer from seizures.

Once again, it all comes down to the placement and size of the brain tumor. If the tumor is in the right place to disrupt electrical signals inside your brain, this may be enough to trigger a seizure. Keep in mind that while other things can cause seizures, a seizure typically serves as the first warning sign of brain cancer for many people. If you have one, you should go to the doctor immediately!

Changes in mood or personality

Have friends and family told you that you’re not acting like yourself lately? Sure, this may be due to things like stress or lack of sleep. But it may also be due to brain cancer.

When the tumor is located near the frontal part of your brain, it can change how you think and how you act. In some cases, you may come across as a completely different person. This is typically an early warning sign of brain cancer, so we recommend you treat this very seriously.

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Nausea and/or vomiting

As with headaches, everyone experiences feelings of nausea and the need to vomit from time to time. But if you are sick and vomiting and there is seemingly no other explanation, it may be due to a brain tumor.

Sometimes, this is because the tumor is causing pressure inside your brain. Other times, it’s because it is causing a hormonal imbalance in your body. This is another early warning sign that you should take seriously. Unfortunately, brain cancer treatments such as chemotherapy may also result in nausea and vomiting.

Trouble moving

Have you been feeling clumsier lately? Maybe you’re missing the occasional step or even falling down? You may be tempted to chalk this up to simply getting older, but a brain tumor may secretly be to blame.

The reason is simple: different parts of your brain affect your different motor functions. Depending on the location of the brain tumor, this can affect everything from your movement to your sense of balance. 

Even if your movement and balance are fine, keep in mind that the tumor can cause your facial muscles to weaken and go numb. If this should happen, go to your doctor immediately.

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If you’ve been feeling fatigued lately, there are a number of possible reasons. You could be stressed, depressed, or just plain, overworked.

However, brain cancer can also cause you to feel fatigued. As with some of the other symptoms on this list, you should be wary of this as a brain cancer symptom if there is no other explanation for your fatigue. Keep in mind such fatigue is usually a more advanced brain cancer symptom, making it that much more important to seek medical attention for an official diagnosis and an official treatment plan as needed.